Have Anyone Used the Hoover Windtunnel?

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hey fellow catsters, I'm hoping you can help me out with this. I think we all have different needs in a vacuum, some of us want a higher quality and some of us just want a cheap vacuum that does the trick for a while. With that being said I'm kind of a novice in vacuum buying and I thought you guys could help me out with some advice or suggestions. I'm considering the hoover windtunnel even tho it's kind of pricey i'm hoping it will last a while. I'm wondering if you guys have any experience with it and how it does with cat hair or suggestions of other ways to go? Thanks a lot.


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Hey Hey we have a Hoover Windtunnel CANISTER, the little one that reminds be of a Volkswagon Beetle" shaped, its small and packs a POW. Love it, just make sure you keep the filter clean and the dust can empty to get the most suction. Also keep a supply of new filters on hand. We love this little vac.
I highly recommend it.

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if you are paying extra than you are better getting a Dyson, they have many models including animal ones.
i purchased my DC 17 animal as a second hand on Ebay for a little over 200$ last year (seller also added some extras attachments). prior to that while still living at my mom's she uses the DC04, bought in 2001 and 12 years later still works like a beast, i think we only had to replace one part in 12 years.