Good litter for cat with mobility problems

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I have an elderly DSH cat who has serious mobility problems, and a lot of difficulty squatting in the litterbox. One result of this is that he often ends up with clumping cat litter stuck all over his rear end, tail, rear legs, etc. Clearly we need a new litter! He's also in kidney failure and drinks so much water that he uses the litterbox several times a day, so this is a pretty big problem. Also looking for advice on the transition to new litter. He does always use the box, thank goodness, and he's never been picky about it, but he's facing enough challenges, I'm worried how he'll react to new litter; we've used the clumping clay for so long, but it's just not working with him in his current condition.

(we are doing all we can for the arthritis and kidney failure; really just looking for how best to manage the box issues for the time he's got left).