need new littler

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my cats use maxx scoop mulit cat i have 2 well ive used it in the past but my cat leela just seems to kick it out i think they changed it now it doesnt clump like it used to now when i scoop it the pee just crumbles its a clay littler i do wanna try something els but not break the bank doing it and i live in vancouver canada so littler isnt really cheap. i need some help thanks and my cat leela has sensitive skin. thanks i took her to the vet when she was chewing her skin off she was on iams and science dite now shes on the Pc brand salmon and potato but she still has a little dander but gets brushed once a day

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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat clumps very very well. Also, believe it or not, the Kroger store brand of multiple cats clumping litter with baking soda works great. Dr. Elsey's is at Petsmart. I've used that brand and you are right, after awhile it seems to lose its clumping ability.


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Try using wood pellets - a hefty bag for 5$ at rona. Urine turns it into saw dust. It's the safest, most environmentally friendly, and cheapest litter.