Litter tracks arond the house making my husband nuts. HELP!!!

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I've tried fresh step but my husband hated the smell of it. I've tried yesterdays news but he hated that too. We then bought a whole new litter system which used a pellet and a tray underneath where the urine collects on a pad but since my youngest cat has loose bowel it did not work for us. Angel would shake her hiny when she got out of the box and feces would go everywhere, sticking to her paws and tracking it around the house. Angel has been on Rx food and meds but with little change in her bowels. Plus my older cat Jeronimo lifts his tail so high when peeing that the urine would fly over the litter box and down the wall. Needless to say that system did not work. We are currently using a litter that is more like saw dust and the cats are no longer making a mess of the feces but the litter is tracked everywhere, from one side of the house to the other. Please Help!


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Wow, I don't know what to tell you. I just bought two Breeze litter boxes, and am trying to get my cats adjusted to using them. So far, two pee in it, but no poop, and one has not gone in it all, or at least I don't think he has. I'm crossing my fingers it will work, I'm SOOO sick of the litter tracked everywhere, so I hear you. I think getting a giant storage container and making a big litter box, and see if they will jump in it first, if not, cut a door kind of up high, so they are less likely to kick it out. My aunt has 5 cats and swears by these and has tried every littler box on the planet. The trick for her is to put the entire container of litter in the giant box and just scoop it daily. With so much litter it doesn't seem to get that giant, gross, pee mountain. I have had people say feline pine or something of that sort works better, but you pretty much have to religiously scoop it, which I do, so maybe that would work? I'm over this litter tracking too! I got a dyson rechargable stick vac and every night I vac up the litter....that is helping!


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BIG clear Sterlite container from Target. $8 bucks - holds alot of litter...done. I also put a small throw rug under so it helps, and I sweep the area every day. It makes me nuts too - but the high sides help alot! If you have an older kitty or a baby, you can cut the one side down some or cut a hole in the side.

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Do you have a litter mat outside of the box to keep (most) litter from being tracked? Some mats work better than others. A mat that has a textured surface will catch litter better than a smooth one.

We have this litter mat: http://www.petco.com/product/111457/Purr-fect-Pet-Purr-fect-Paws-Litter-Mat-for-Cats.aspx It works pretty well. We are thinking of getting a small LL Bean waterhog mat as well. Human has one in the entryway and it traps a lot of litter that makes its way out the bathroom shock

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There is a wonderful somewhat 'fancy' box called the 'Clever Cat' that my cats use-all but Natalie. It's a good box if your cats can climb, because the hole is in the top of the box. It has grids on the top to stop cats from tracking litter everywhere.

Petco and Petsmart both have it.

We use a very inexpensive litter we can buy a big bag of called Everclean that works well and is inexpensive.

You could make nearly thes ame sort of litter box yourself, or modify a rubbermaid container yourself the same way by either cutting a hole in the top of the lid or if you have a cat you think might not do the top opening (Natalie is the only one who isn't physically able to do so) you could cut a hole in the rubbermaid container a little higher up on the side. This will guarentee that the little stays mostly in.

I have yoga mats under my boxes. It makes cleaning easier and I wash them once a week in the tub.

I got this idea from a good friend here-and it works wonders!

hope this helps!

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I just have this problem. shrugshrug


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I use wood pellets as litter and don't have a problem with tracking. When the cat pees in it, it just turns into saw dust. It's probably the safest and cheapest thing to use as litter. I get mine from Rona - a huge bag for 5$.


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In addition to my two Breeze litter boxes, I do have two litter boxes with feline pine...actually, it is the cheaper version from the grocery store and it's better than traditional litter. It does track a little as it turns to sawdust, but to me, it is not nearly as troublesome as clay litter or scoopable litter. Still, the Breeze is tops for me! I love that thing!