"Smart Litter 'Organic n Safe' local brand or other suggestions for good litter?

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Hi everyone! It's our first time on the kitty forums and I have been in love with my bundle of orange fur since we adopted him this past September! I was wondering if anyone has heard of or tried Smart Litter. It's a brand local to Northern California and they have clay formulas and an organic 'n' safe formula (corn and wheat). We are going insane over these other litter brands. So far I have tried....

1. (6.5 out of 10 paws) Worlds Best: Of course, my research on cat litter will pull this one up first so we got a 5 lb. bag. It clumps amazingly and has tolerable tracking but it has horrible odor. Right out of the bag it just smells odd. My boyfriend even commented, asking if our newly adopted kitty pooped already when I opened the bag of litter to pour into the litter box. :/ I'd be able to tolerate it but after about a few days of using the corn litter, the combination of urine and litter just started to smell like vomit. And I scoop 3-4 times a day! I also didn't like how the pieces would crumble into dust if stepped on. Mac would leave little yellow footprints on our bed.

2. (7 out of 10 paws) Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Clumping Clay: After more research, I discovered this brand. This litter is AMAZINGLY 100% dust-free! However...this thing sticks to the bottom of the box like cement. I'm hunched over the box scraping it off all the time. It had tolerable tracking as well and decent odor control until I'd have to scrape used-litter from the box. I tried adding more fresh litter than usual but the clumps broke anyways just from regular scooping. The sickly urine odor was noticeable after a few days of used litter in the box, unable to be scooped by the scooper.

3. (1 out of 10 paws) Integrity Clay Litter: Right now I am trying this hard to find brand. I absolutely hate it...despite it's glowing reviews. A blogger said it was the ultimate cat litter...not in my opinion. The instant I poured it into the litter container, an enormous cloud of white dust exploded in my face. When I scoop, there's dust. When the kitty goes, there's dust. His fur smells dusty and the general litter box area smells dusty. The other two brands did not do this at all. The clumping is also terrible and because the litter is so fine (like sand) it tracks to the other side of the planet...I hate it and am looking for an alternative asap!

I am trying to find a dust-free odor-controlling clumping litter. Tracking is not that big of a deal because I sweep around the box many many times a day. But I'd like some suggestions for successful litters from other kitty parents! My next possible purchase would be the Smart Litter line. I just haven't seen much opinion on this brand so I was wondering if anyone else has tried it out. smile


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I use World's Best for Mutiple Ctas. I love the corn/wheat smell. Especially when compared to the baking soda smell of most litters (like Maxx Cat)

So I was buying the biggest bag for the longest time. It lasts much longer than any other litter (even longer than the bag says), if you scoop daily ( i scoop twice daily). But then they made the bag smaller and wanted the same price for it!!!! My pride said no and I went with a cheap version of it. Wrong. My bengal revolted and pissed all over my house. Plants, laundry buckets, carpets, pillows, dog kennel, etc.

Needless to say, Im using it again. I hate the price but i have to sate my bengal or he'll wreck the place.

But other than the price, its the best and I really like it.

I got the litter paws too so I turned the box towrad the wall and made it so he had to walk on a bit of rug as he got out. I bought the litter collector rugs and lined the hallway so that got rid of his litter paws.

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