Whisker City fountain filter options?

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I can't find anything!

I bought my cats a Whisker City small fountain last month. They love it! It was getting a bit noisy, so I figured I should change the filter. I went to PetSmart and bought the filters for small and large Whisker City fountains, but they don't fit. I returned them, and while there looked at the fountains. From what I can guess the small used to have a taller reservoir, but they've updated it to look like a little version of the large. But there were NO Whisker City filters that would fit the "Small II", as it was called.

Anyone have any suggestions for my filter?


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If you use filtered water to fill it, you shouldn't even need a filter in it. That is what I have been doing with mine. Mine is not a Whisker City, but after I bought a few, I just started using the water we use that goes through our under sink filter. Otherwise, maybe try on Amazon if you have a filter # or do they have a customer service # or website?wave


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Did you try looking in the dog bowl section? I know it sounds strange, but sometimes the filters are interchangeable. I've found replacement filters for cat water bowls in the dog section, and vice versa before.

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You can use the filters for the corner fountain. I had the same problem with the small fountain ii and the employees in the store for the most part dont know they fit. Also to make it run silent you can take it apart and put a wedge between the pump and the wall and sit it on a towel. Mine runs whisper quiet.


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If it is making a "grinding" noise and you have hard water in your area, you will need to take apart the pump and clean it, due to the hard water deposits accumulating on the moving parts. its very simple to do, here is a link to a tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkG82RK-OD8