Kitten poo smell

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Purred: Wed Oct 31, '12 2:51pm PST 
Hi there! A week ago Monday, I adopted Stevie, and she is the cutest little thing! So lively and such fun! But her poo really stinks (luckily I have an enclosed back porch for her litter box). She is still learning to cover it up, but I'm a little worried -- my sister's cats and my mom's cat haven't had this problem. Stevie's on kitten chow now but will soon be transitioning to adult food. Is this a kitten thing that will subside as she gets older and goes on adult food? Or maybe she's just stinky? confused Any advice appreciated! We use Arm & Hammer Double Duty litter.


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Congrats on your new little one! Has Stevie been treated for worms? Sometimes the meds or if not treated - parasites can make their poop stinkier. Plus kittens just seem to me at least to have toxic poop. My Felix is 6 months old, and he could peel paint! Plus if they don't cover it as well. I also notice when Felix eats Wellness kitten it is smellier - so food can make a difference. But if you have not gotten a vet check, please do, because giardia can make them stinky too. You could also try a different litter to see if that helps!


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You should try senior cat poo smell. My Hotshot is getting old and i believe too lazy to use the litter. Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

Finnegan (Finney)

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You need to get your kitten off of kitten chow and onto grain free food. A nice grain free wet food would be the best thing and starting them off when they are young is the best way to go.

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I agree with Finney...It may be the food that you are giving kitty. My kitten gets only
wet, grain free food. Saving money on cat food will only go into costly vet bills and fat cat.
The cheaper foods have grains in them. They, also, don't agree with the cat's stomach.
I hope that your kitten has seen a vet recently...The only time that my cat had stinky poo, really stinky is when we changed the food too quickly...