Cat from Hoarder pooping outside of box.

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I brought home my youngest at 4 weeks old. The house she was living in was full of animals. She was one of twenty kittens, 5 cats, 6+ dogs, rodents, horses, etc. There was no litterboxes, the dogs also went in the house. She smelled so bad for the longest time. We gave her kitten milk until she was old enough to eat dry food. She taught herself how to use the litter box the day we brought her home. She was fine for months then randomly peed on her kitty bed. She kept doing it so we threw it out. So she peed on our bed. A lot. Then it stopped. Now shes one year old and goes in the litterbox, but randomly poops in the same spot. I haven't been home, my mother has been watching her, and I came home to a HUGE pile of poop in my room. HUGE. I have to rip up the carpet now. It's completely destroyed. I put a litterbox in the spot where she kept going and it worked while I was there but my mother said she's pooping other places in the room now.

She's been to the vet. I brought up the fact that she was born into a hoarding situation, maybe that has something to do with it. The vet (who is a total jerk, I have a new one now) rolled his eyes and said "no, you're just doing something wrong."

Is it possible that living in that environment, even for a short period of time, messed her up? Does anyone have any advice? I've added more litterboxes, haven't changed the litter (the last time I did that she refused to use the box period) I've started covering the areas she goes often with cardboard. Help?


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Sorry you are having this problem! I would think it would not be because of the hoarding situation but something in the house now that is upsetting her.

Have you ever watched My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet. Worth watching. Usually it is something the humans are doing wrong to create the bad behavior.

Good you took her to the vet as sometimes cats won't go in the litter box as they associate it with pain. Does she do this usually when you go away? Is your Mother doing something different when you aren't there that is upsetting her plus the fact you are gone? Cats like routine. Have you ever tried Kitten Attract or Cat Attract Litter by Dr. Elsey? Is your litter box covered, many cats prefer uncovered. Is it kept really clean? I don't know how many other cats you have and if there is an issue there with them sharing and do you have enough litter boxes for all of them. Those are just a couple of things I can think of.

Our 2 cats came from a hoarder too but they have never had a problem with the litter box. I have 4 huge litter boxes in the house for them.

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

If it isn't a medical issue, it is something in the home that is bothering her especially since these issues seem to come and go. I would think like a cat and try to figure out what is bothering her. GOOD LUCK!! Hopefully you will get more posts to try to help.

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I read another topic you started on obesity.

I see you are away for a few months and your Mom is taking care of 2 of your cats while you have the other with you. This is all very stressful for your cat. It sounds like your Mom might be part of the problem. She isn't feeding them the food you want her to, they are gaining weight and get no playtime. I am getting this all from your other posts. Is your Mom keeping the litter boxes clean? Is she happy to have the cats there? I can't believe she just left the pile of poop there for when you came home. I I think your cat is very unhappy about something happening and this is her way of showing you. Best to try to figure out what is happening while you are gone. How much longer do you have to be away?

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I am going to agree with Zoey.
My human mom worked in a no kill shelter for 15 years. She worked in the clinic and in the cat adoption area. thare are many many cats who come in to shelters because of litter box issues. These are the main causes. Also, I, myself, now an older lady, poop when my pawrents leave me. I HATE it when they are gone away for more than a day, and this could be an emotional issue for your cat.

Here are our suggestions:

1) More than one box. we suggest large pans with Dr. Elsleys cat litter. We have heard great things about it.

2) Not using a litter pan can be a great way to let a human know someething is wrong. As stated, I poop on the couch and used to poop on the bed when mom and dad would leave for more than a day. The only time I did not was when our best Vet Tech friend/catsitter came and stayed with us.

3) Wash the floor (you threw out the carpet) and any areas kitty has used with a combination of hot water, vinegar, a bit of baking soda. Let it dry well. After, wash the area as directed with Nature's Miracle. Petco carries it as do other stores. It appears to work well.

4) Put litterboxes down and use more than one box.

Is your cat stressed from other animals? Or cats?

We receommend a feliway diffuser. We also suggest rescue remedy placed between shoulder blades once a day.

You need to have a talk with your mom. Cats don't like change-they hate it. Absolutely hate it. Your cat's letting you know she's vastly unhappy. It sounds like your mom is a different person-we know mom's sisters both have cats, but mom woudn't leave us with them or even have them in to look after us because they simply stress us more than Rachel, the tech, who knows so well, and UNDERSTANDS cats. Threre are different ways people react around cats and care for them. Your cat needs a different response than a cat that didn't have issues...and from what Zoey has said, it sounds like thats part of the issue.

We wish you good luck. These are problems that can be overcome with patience and love.


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Zoey, I watch that show all the time! It's really a helpful show. If it isn't her past affecting her then it must be something my mother is doing. I haven't tried kitten attract yet. I always keep the box really clean, she has two just for her, they are both uncovered. My mother is really bad with the cats. Now that you mention it, it probably is something that she is doing. The first thing she did was take away one of MiMi's litterboxes because it was "easier to deal with". I was home last weekend and put it back. After I posted this I asked her about how often she changes it, etc... I told her how to use the clumping litter but she's not doing it right. She fills it to a depth of about 2 inches and then doesn't clean it, she just dumps it after a couple days. I was wondering why she was going through 20+ pounds of clumping litter in a week. She's quite possibly the worst pet babysitter ever. I gave her money for food, I feed her Blue Buffalo. She went to Target and picked up 32 pounds of cheap food for 10$ because it was on sale. She also throws treats at them, MiMi has also developed a major weight problem in the month she has been watching her. Wow, it definitely is something she's doing. But like I said, she would randomly do it before I left too. I wanted to rule out the possibility that she could have PTSD or something from living in that house. She gets along really well with my other cats, my two year old and her are like sisters. I got them 6 months apart but they cuddle and are really close.

I'm going to be moving back in mid-August. My mother is horrible. She has a mental disorder but refuses to get help for it. I'm 21 and unfortunately unable to move out permanently for another 9 months to a year. She feels that any mess the cats make is my problem- when I come home there's paper towels everywhere- she doesn't pick up the throw up/hair balls. It's hard to clean up after them when I'm only home a couple times a month! My dad is really good with the cats though and takes care of them. plays with them. About her weight problem- I bought a slow feed bowl and had it shipped to her, she says it's working which is really great. Hopefully she's not lying.

Bella, yeah, we're getting rid of the carpet. It is an old gross carpet anyway so I have to admit I'm kind of happy about it. I have a bottle of Nature's Miracle "Urine Destroyer" but it doesn't seem to work very well. I'm going to have to get a black light like in "My Cat From Hell", maybe I'm just not getting it all. She's good with the other cats, my mother is the one stressing her out. I'll definitely look into getting the Feliway, I also give her the GNC stress treats (unfortunately they are here with me, at my apartment, not helping her much.) and they work but they kind of knock her out. I still live my parents and they get along with the cats, I thought they could handle watching them. They watch my sister's human children, no way would I let them if I was her!

Once I move back I'm going to try to get them back on the feeding schedule with the right food, get the litter boxes sorted out... if she's still having the problem I'm going to try the kitten attract litter.

Thanks for your help!


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I think you discovered your answer - it is your Mom. Great tips by Bella! Sounds like a tough situation you are dealing with and understand at your age it is hard. Great that you will be coming back home in mid August so that you will have more control of what is going on with the cats. The longer this continues the bigger the problem is going to become and the more health problems that could happen.

I think all cat pawrents can learn from My Cat From Hell and it is just fun because it is about cats!

Maybe if you write everything out for your mom and try to find a way to make it fun for her to take better care of them? I feel really bad for MiMi as she must be so so stressed with you gone and your mom not taking good care of her. Kitties can get overweight so quickly. You sound very smart about feeding them etc but your Mom just isn't going along with it.

For play I would recommend wand toys. You can find some good ones on Jackson Galaxy's site - Spirit Essences and on Amazon there are some great ones by Vee Enterprises that are our favorites. Your mom could even be sitting in a chair and be playing with them.

For MiMi's sake I bet you can't wait to get home!

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