New cat won't poop in litter box

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I just got married 2 weeks ago, and have moved to a new home. I have one cat who has been with me for 7 years now and is used to moving and new places. She has adjusted very well to her new home and life. When I moved in, I took in my mom's cat as well. It was either I take her or she went to the pound and I couldn't bear that. I knew the new cat would have a hard time adjusting because she has never been anywhere new before. The cats are familiar with each other and have been for a while. The new cat spent a couple days hiding under the bed on and off. I have done everything in my power to make her comfortable: using her old litter, litterboxes, food, and dishes. I brought them into the house at the same time and left them in their individual kennels in the same room for a couple of hours. They are comfortable with my husband. In fact, the new cat adores him. The only problem she seems to be having is that she wants to poop near or, as of today, on the stairs. I have a feeling that she is just adjusting, but I can't have this happening. Any suggestions as to what I should maybe be doing differently?

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I would keep the cat confined to one room until she is more comfortable with her new home. Sometimes a cat will poop or pee outside the litter box because they are uncomfortable in the new environment. Do you have an extra bedroom to put the cat in with the litter box and food and water and toys? Keep her in there for at least a few days, longer if needed, until she is comfortable. Then slowly let her explore the rest of the house. You may need to keep the other cat away while Lily explores so she doesn't get scared and use some other part of the house as a litter box.

Feliway is supposed to help calm cats during stressful times like moving to a new home and such. You can try that. Petco and Petsmart sells it. I think it's a plug-in diffuser thinking


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She is comfortable now. The two cats play together well, she gets excited to be fed, spends more time out of the bedroom, begs for food, and so on. I feel confidante she's settling fine except for this one thing. Would putting a litter box in that spot for a time help?


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Yes, do put a litter box there.


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Thank you!

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This is Delyte. Despite how comfortable they may look together, there may be subtle dominance issues. Also, there could have been a smell on the stairs that she is trying to cover up, maybe from a previous tenant? You are sure there is no illness going on? Cats will go outside the pan to announce that they do not feel well. Since you are getting stool samples, you might as well take one to the vet and get it analyzed!

After you put a pan there, and she uses it, slowly move the pan away from the spot to somewhere more convenient to you, and she should follow. You probably don't want a cat pan sitting in the middle of the stairs forever. Clean all the places on the stairs where she has gone with a good odor removing cleaner, and hope for the best.

If she is peeing in the regular pan, and only pooping outside the box, this would seem to indicate some problem with pooping, pain or something.

Sometimes we can just be the most difficult animals, can't we?! shock

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I have just been reading this as Ginge poopies on the floor and on next doors grass. It's led to tension with them. I rehomed him but he came back after a week as he fought with the cat already there.

I rehomed him with a friend, just to keep the peace. While he was there he used the tray, I wonder if it was because only he used it that he used it.

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