Tapeworms with no fleas?

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Hi -

I recently adopted three cats between mid December and mid February. We live in Florida and the cats originally came from the county shelter, were treated for fleas in their foster home and then came to live with us. I have not seen any evidence of fleas - and we previously had one cat for 6 years and then added a second last May. We have never had fleas - or at least I have never seen any sign of them and I have looked and looked. The cats are medium hair and I comb them regularly and look often and I can not say I haveseen one. Now I just scooped some poop that landed outside a box accidentally and noticed tapeworms.

I know they are tapeworms because I had a Persian six years ago who had them (again, she never had fleas either). But EVERYTHING I read says tapeworms are from fleas. Is it possible for a cat to have tapeworms and NOT fleas? confused


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Hello smile
Moe had fleas at one point from being at my grandmothers house while I was on vacation. Months after was when I noticed rice-like pellet things near his anal area. I found out he had them from the vet and the treated him immediately.
But to my point, since your cat previously had fleas, they were probably picked up then. All it takes is for them to ingest 1 flea.
I would treat them and then if it seems like the worms have returned, look into a different way that they could be being picked up.


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It wouldn't hurt to flea treat as a precaution at the same time; as mentioned it only takes one infected flea to give your cat tapeworms. But there HAS to be a flea involved as there is no other vector for cat tapeworms.


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Yes, tapeworms are transmitted by fleas, but killing off the fleas will not kill off the tapeworms. The cats have to be properly treated with oral medication. It's possible that your two new kitties were not given proper or enough dosages. If they have not been to your own vet yet, take them in for a full exam along with a stool sample.

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First and foremost, you should always ask your Vet and have them check for all worms. Now with that being said, you can buy a broad spectrum de-wormer called pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel.The first part is also known as Strongint-T and it is the yellow liquid vets use,and the other is the Tapeworm killer. Meowma was a vet tech at one time and she gets her de-wormer from any of the main Pet Stores. The one she uses kills rounds,hooks and tapeworms, is is about $12.00-$14.00,depending what store she gets it from. It comes in 2 small pills that she brakes in half and 1/2 should be given now and the other 1/2 in two weeks.But if you want to use the whole pill per cat, it should be alright also. Now for your question, yes tape worms have a two week hatching cycle and that is why we should be dosed again in two weeks. So even though you do not have flies, you can still harbor the worm eggs inside you. I hope this helps. Best of luck and I also live in Florida.welcome