Blind depressed cat with litter box issues.

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This is a major dilemma with a lot of issues.

A few weeks ago I had to put one of my cats Tazzy to rest, it broke my heart. I also had just moved to a place I thought was perfect for us. But that isn't necessarily true for them. I have not been able to feed them or retrain them as I would have wanted. The cat room and cat box is downstairs and only one litter type is allowed and it isn't what my cats are used to.

so I still have his brother Tigger and he is mostly blind, I think even more now. Now they all seemed to be ok going downstairs to use the litter box and coming back up before Tazzy died. Tigger has been depressed, he completely stopped purring and he always purred. He was my healer cat with his purr therapy. Then I realized he was using the bottom of the cat castle for his litter box. We took that out and cleaned it up and I suggested my Landlord/friend take him downstairs to use the litter box. I hoped he would stay and see what he did but he just left him there where he stayed hidden for 3 days.

They have other animals, 2 cats and 2 large dogs. The downstairs front is the Dogspace and the side is the tiny cat room with the litter and food (yeah, same room) I had been unable to go downstairs, but I bit the dust and did it go try to draw tigger out, but it didn't work. Next down he was found in the space under the tub which the cats have access to and that is where they hide. I had to go down and half coax and have pull him out. He was ok with me, but not happy until he got back into my room and got to get his bearings where he was. He is thin, They don't like the new food, and I am not allowed to feed them anywhere but the kitchen where the dogs and other cats hang out. I think that is partly what triggered Tazzy to get sick, and now my fat cat Tigger now has his hips showing and I can feel his spine and ribs. I have said I have their old cat food and am treating them with it until they get used to the new food, but I'm giving them as much as I can. I made a mistake by not asking details about the pet issue and was simply told we would work it out.

The litter box has not been kept how they have had it their entire lives. Too little litter and the top wasn't on it.

So, here is my problem. I fixed the litter box how they like it but how do I get tigger to go down there again? I can take him down there each day but they aren't like dogs who say when they have to go. In general, they used to go twice a day morning and night, all three of them. But I am worried about him escaping to the hiding place again and starving himself to being sick.

Im afaid they are going to ask me to get rid of him, but I would just as soon move again.

Also when two cats about the same age of 6 are friends, do they sound like they are killing each other when they play? One of mine and one of theirs, one male and one female both fixed.

Thanks in advance

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Cats adjust to things very very slowly....environment is almost as important to them as their people and companions.
I don't know why you are there...because that only one type of litter is allowed and that the cat box has to be downstairs...it doesn't make sense to me.
This kitty sounds like he needs someone to help him through his loss, and yet anotherl loss, the loss of a home he was used to.
Here are things I would maybe do:
1)He may do better with a litter box closer to where he is. Why can't there be? It makes no sense to me. He needs his own box, and close to where he can get to it...and to you. He may be afraid walking around in a place he doesn't know.
2) Keep his food where he can access it...and that means closer, too. he doesn't know these cats, these people....and his companion is gone...so he only has you. Of course he's thin...hes probably afraid, and cats that fear don't eat. If you don't want him to starve you are going to have to take charge and make sure he eats. Keepiing him close to you now is the only way to do that as I see it.
3) I don't know who your landlords are, but they have to understand that this cat is your cat, used to you, not to their home...and if it's your home, then you have the right to have the cat box and cat where you need for him to be comfortable! This kitty is so vulnurable right now! It's no wonder he's depressed.
4) Spend extra attention with your guy...do alot of reassuring and letting him know he's important. He probably doesn't understand whats been going on.

When we moved we just had Bella and Ruffy. It took a couple months for them to start getting their bearings.

All the best~

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I agree on all fronts and since he's mostly blind, that's got to be even harder on him. Change is difficult for cats under the best of circumstances. But with all that's gone on, this is very hard on him.

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Trust me I know all that, and I a considering moving again for that reason but I have medical issues too, and I am on disability and it has been good here for my other two pets and physically for me as well.

I get the litter box being downstairs, no smell up here. And I have explained and explained to them about them being used to things all of their lives, but no budging.

I am in here snuggling with him every minute I can be. He is purring again too. he doesn't have any trouble going where he wants. I can't lure him down the hall with treats.

He did do it before Taz died though, so he knows. But something scared him bad.

Even temporarily.. if I have the box up here how can I in time get him to go back down there? I would probably have to live down there. Which is not going to go well either even if I sleep on th efloor with the big dogs.

I asked my ex if he would take him. He wouldn't get the cuddling as much, but it would be a familier place and people he knows and the litter box nearby. I don't really have a lot of choices here and though I appreciate the thought, telling me what I know and am agonizing over doesn't help.