When to completely change the World's Best Litter Box

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Fellow kitties... my mom is confused as to when to completely change the litter box. She is using the World's Best Litter green bag. I'm the only kitty right now and mom cleans the box soon after I pee. She started it a week and a half ago and wonders if she should change it every two weeks. She saw on some post somewhere that someone changes it every four to six weeks.

Me and mom don't think it can last that long!

Anyone with any suggestions?


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You may want to read this

http://truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/caution-to-use-of-corn -based-cat-litters.html

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Life is good.- Please respect- us kitties.
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Thanks shadow. Mom is thinking of putting me on cats pride scoopable litter.

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Yeah, we don't recommend the corn-based litters because they can be really bad for allergy kitties.

When we did try WBL though I think we changed it and totally cleaned everything once a month.