the anti-litter box cat

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Purred: Wed Aug 3, '11 9:06am PST 
Siri has been really sick for the past week. now that she is doing better, she still refuses to use her litter box. she is going to the bathroom fine, just not in the right place. it could be because she thinks she doesn't have to because when she was sick she couldn't get to the litter box.
or it could be because one of my roommates cats (her cat is rather large--okay really large and nuetered male) has taken a liking to siri's box. he goes in it and she doesn't want to maybe? his poops are almost the size of her (exaggerated) but they are big and he doesn't cover them so maybe she doesn't like walking over them? or could he be marking it as his territory and she not want to intrude?
I'm out of town so there isn't much i can do right now, but i'd like to get her to start using her litter box again if at all possible.