New ideas for litter box cover

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I recently moved into a much smaller space and have Isabelle's litter box in my room (we have a large bedroom and walk in closet). The litter box stays immaculate and I scoop 2x a day, but I am still having trouble with the smell (the poops - Isabelle doesn't cover and even if I get rid of it right away, the smell lingers). I'm afraid my belongings are going to start smelling and quite honestly, it's just kind of gross. red face

From past experience, I know Isabelle does not like a lid on her litter box. So I am trying to think of alternatives and wondered what y'all thought of getting a very big cardboard box and setting it over her box (with a large cut out for her to enter). If I get it big enough, I'm hoping it won't encroach her space but still help contain odor. shrug

What do you think? Other ideas?

BTW, she does eat a grain-free diet and her poopies still stink to high heaven. shock

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The cardboard box could be a good idea!

We recently moved to a new place, too, and have a litter box in the bedroom. I've been worried about litter dust as much as anything else, and was thinking of getting a little table to put the litter box under and using a table cloth to keep in the dust. But your idea is something else to consider! applause

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A suggestion on helping with the smell.....Tidy Cats Litter Box Deodorizer is GREAT!!! I use the one for multiple cats, as several of mine can leave "room clearing" "deposits". Also, FEBREEZE makes a special spray for Pet Odors (look for dark blue can). Very light scent, and works well.

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As long as she is not a box destroyer like me, you should be fine. (I tear up anythng carboard!) OR you can get a really big tote box, like the ones you store stuff in, and like cut a hole in the side so she can go in and out or something.


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The tote is a great idea - didn't think of that!

I'll look for the pet febreeze, too. Thank goodness it's summer here and I can keep a window open all day or we'd be suffocating in the stinkies! big laugh

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We have our litter box in da closet also.. its better in there where only mom can see it (and in some cases smell it) we eat grain free also and use Worlds best cat litter.. my sisfurs do-do's dont stink as much as mine do. ( I think boys got stronger poopsy stinkys).


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Have you thought of a different litter? Momma uses Natural Essentials. It's a corn cob litter and it really helps!


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Solo's poops are the same way, he eats grain-free but still stinks up the room and doesn't cover it. I use the Arm&Hammer powder litter deodorizer, I sprinkle some every time that I scoop the box. Have you considered just buying a litter box that already has a cover? Some of them have scented filters.


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I have a litter box in the bedroom too. I use the Arm and Hammer litter box deodorizer as well and I have a one of those Glade plug ins smile