Room clearing smell

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So why is it that my cat religiously covers her pee in the litter box but never her poo (the one that really needs covering!)? It's almost like she knows it stinks and wants to get the heck out of there as fast as possible!! big laugh It wasn't really ever a big deal until recently where we're living in a very small area and her box is well within "sniffer" distance.

Pew-eeeee!!! shock

I end up scooping multiple times a day (never fails she will take a poop shortly after I've scooped) and have some febreeze readily available, and a window to open for some fresh air. Any other ideas?? Her litter does a fine job of controlling smell, it's just that she won't cover the offending item!! laugh out loud


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I wish I had some good advice for you, but my cat, Jackson, used to do the ol' "dump-n-run" too (sorry-it's just what we called it shock !) I just kept the air freshener within reach and held my breath a lot!

BTW...Isabelle is a BEAUTY!!

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The Answer!!!:

"The Breeze Air Purifier"! It's kinda expensive, but one of the best things I ever bought! Never had a problem with stinky poo 'cause all my cats cover . . . except me! Chief Red Cloud! I just came into the family last year (family of 10 felines) and I'm the only one who doesn't completely cover my poo. (he he he)

Yeah, I'm trying to prove that I now own all this territory you other cats that live here thought you owned. I know I'm making my new siblings mad . . . but I can't help it - it's in my nature! laugh out loud

You can leave the "Breeze" on 24/7, but I just leave it on while I'm scooping poo-pee (2x/day, 5 jumbo-jumbo boxes) and then for about 1/2 hour afterwords. That's it. All gone!

In between, mommy just covers my 1/2 poo that I didn't cover.

(Hey, you know, the newest guy has to make his mark, right?)

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Not sure what brand of food you are feeding, but sometimes upgrading to a premium quality or grain-free food helps.