Best way to pick up litter from hardwood floors

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Purred: Wed Jun 29, '11 3:44pm PST 
Any suggestions for dust mops and/or brooms that will pick up litter from hardwood floors? Just moved in and noticed that the litter tends to scratch the floors. frown


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Purred: Wed Jun 29, '11 4:01pm PST 
Get a Swiffer, best picker upper ever.


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Purred: Fri Jul 1, '11 1:43pm PST 
The swiffer vac is AWESOME at litter pickup. You WILL need to order more filters online though as the litter dust does a number on them, but they are cheap and you get two in a box. (you have to order them online). Anyways, the swiffer vac picks up dust that nothing else would. not even a broom!

Mommy also has a shark vac that can do bare floors and carpets (the Navigator) and a shark steam mop- great for chemical free cleaning as well. Its a great investment and the shark vac also does a great job with the litter. but mommy likes the swiffer vac for it still also.


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Purred: Sat Jul 2, '11 6:27am PST 
Or a Dyson re-chargeable is good.