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I have 8 indoor cats. Mostly they are good about using their litterboxes, we have a bunch of them upstairs and down. This problem is so weird and after over 30 years of owning cats, I've never had this happen. I brought home a flannel wrapped gel pac (from a friend who has cats) to put on you for arthritis pain. I left it on the dining room table and once saw one of my cats sleeping on it. She liked the flannel and maybe smelled my friend's cat's smell. Well, much to my shock, the other day I noticed on the vinyl tablecloth pee and the gel pac was saturated with it too. The tablecloth had a small hole and the urine or whatever had gone under and ruined my wooden table. I took it off, sprayed the odor out stuff on the table, covered it with another plastic cloth, thinking it done - or course removed the flannel wrapped gel pac and cleaned it. Yesterday, two days later, more pee and another hole in the plastic. We had to throw that one out and now covered my dining room table with puppy pee pads, but intend on getting a thick vinyl clear covering. What the heck? I don't care about the wood damage, but do want them to stop peeing on the table. They have never done anything like this and I'm suspicious as to which of my 8 is doing it? I have 4 males and think one of them may be doing it, but haven't been able to catch anyone at it.
What can I spray on it, bleach? I have to stop this, it's making me crazy and getting rid of the cats is not an option. We love them all. Please help if you've had any experience with this. All my cats are spayed and neutered, so I have that taken care of and since they were little too. Desperate for an answer! Thanks.


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If you can figure out which one is doing it, you should take him/her to the vet to get checked out for a urinary tract infection or crystals. The most common cause of urinating in inappropriate places is that when a kitty feels pain when going to the litter box, he/she starts avoiding the box. It's common for cats to go on cold surfaces, too, to try to relieve the pain (the gel pack might have been attractive for that reason).

If the vet is able to rule out a medical cause, then you can treat it as a behavioral issue.

I'm not sure what to suggest as far as figuring out who is doing it, other than trying to catch them in the act.
(Spy cam?shrug)

For the odor, I'd recommend an enzyme-based cleaner specifically formulated for pet accidents (Nature's Miracle is one, but there are many brands). If there is any lingering ammonia smell, you can neutralize it with white vinegar.

Good luck! Keep us posted!



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I agree with Ben, peeing not in the kitty box, especially when they were prev good about it, is usually an indication, one has a bladder issue or crystals. Another way you can tell is, one will get in and out of the kitty box alot, or sit there, and no pee, or sit there and cry. I would really try and watch them, and see if you see one of them doing this. Another thing you can do, is feel between their back legs, kinda near the tummy area, and see if you feel, what feels like a golf ball. That is their bladder, if you can feel something, it means they are blocked, and cannot pee, and, you have 12 hours to get them to a vet, or its too late.

Mine are taught to pee, when we get up in the morn, so they can pee before loaded for a show, so with Prowler, who is prone to crystals, I saw him pee a big spot, then get in and out of the kitty box, and just sit there, so I know he had a bladder issue, he went in that morn.

If you can, seperate the 4 males, 2 in each room, kinda like a process of elimination, when you find the room, where one may have peed, not in the box, then seperate those 2. Or you can take all 4 in, and ask for them to take a urine sample, they do it by inserting a needle into the bladder. Prowler has had it done a couple of times, they do not sedate them, and it only takes a min, he was fine, acted his normal crazy boy self right afterwards.

Best of luck, and please keep us updated, not, something to mess with. wave big grin way to go

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Apple cider vinegar will clean up pee and also destroy the odor. You might try simply setting some things on the table such as plastic tubs, etc so the cats don't have any room to get on the table to pee on it.

Its possible that one of your friends cats had peed on the pad you borrowed and your cat is marking because of the scent of the strange cat.

I've read a number of times where people have suggested putting down aluminum foil on things to stop cats from peeing on them but in the past when I tried that, it didn't work.

Watch your cats and see who acts suspicious, sniffing around more than the others as if he's thinking about peeing. Also keep your ears open, I've caught "phantom pissers" a number of times because of hearing a cat making a scratching sound like it's covering a mess in he litter pan, except the sound was coming from the wrong room and caught the culprit that way.

Another way to figure out who's doing it is to confine one cat a time to the bathroom for a few days and see whether the peeing on the table stops or not. Once you figure out who's doing the dirty deed, often after being confined in a bathroom or an extra large dog crate for a couple of weeks or longer, if the cat is clean in the bathroom or the crate, it is very likely to also be clean again in the house when you give it another chance to have the privilege of being free in the house again.

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You may be able to keep all your cats off the table and maybe out of that room altogether. I ran into a TV program called "My cat from hell" where the guy wanted the cat to stay out of the bedroom. This sensor device blasts out air when the cats get within range, and they learn to stay away from that area quickly and then you can stop using it. I can't remember the name of the product that was used. I saw the product or one with another name at Petsmart. It is costly but it is also costly to keep using cleaners or replacing items and the cost of you sanity.

I am thinking of using the product to teach the cats to stay off the computer desk. All that cat hair can't be good for the equipment. Then there is all those nose prinst on the monitor and it doesn't have to be on.

The peeing itself is a totally different problem. The others before me have given excellent advice.


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that air blowing thing is called a ssscat and it's made by either innotek or petsafe. it's got a motion sensor so when something moves within like 3ft, it sprays condensed air. which is even enough to scare me when i forget it's there! i can't remember, but they are essentially the same company...i think it's about $45 dollars, it comes with one can of compressed air and i believe refills are about $11. i have one to keep my cats away from the fish bowl and off the counters. they learned what that thing meant real fast.