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Purred: Sat Apr 2, '11 8:02pm PST 
We're Dr. Elsey and WBCL fans here. I tend to mix them about 75/25 and really like the clumping and odor control (the faint corn smell doesn't bother me). I love the low dust component of both and that neither one is scented with perfumes - can't stand the old lady perfume smell mixed with poo! silenced

Oh, WBCL is now carried by Target and my Fred Meyer sometimes has it as well, for only $7 a bag (which for me lasts a month when mixed with a big bag of Elseys).

I think sometimes it's just a matter of finding the kind that works well with your individual cat. Some kitties are stinkier than others, and some of their waste must mix with certain smells differently! shrug

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Purred: Mon Apr 4, '11 8:05am PST 
You need to teach him to cover his poops! This is where his mama cat failed and you have to pick up. With mine it was cleaning their butts. I was cleaning cat anus for months so trust me I know how difficult it can be to pick up the behavioral pieces.
If you can, follow him around for a few days and try to catch him going poopies. Right after, get in there and cover it up, go as far as taking his paw and covering it up. Whatever you do be gentle. This is the sacred litterbox. Take his paw extra gentle to cover but if he should pull away let it go. Hopefully he'll be curious enough to let you do what you want. Over time he should start covering up. You could also get a Nature's Miracle covered litterbox. My cats I think have the worst smelling poop ever if they eat cat food and I use those boxes. If they go poops in there I don't smell it quite as bad. There is a carbon filter odor eliminator in the lid.


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I use World's Best Cat Litter and I actually love it. If Basil tries to eat it, it's not harmful. It is a natural product and doesn't emit as much dust as other litters. It is flushable, clumps well and will only smell terrible if you leave it there, and yes... if you have a kitty who doesn't cover after use, it's terrible- like any cat litter.

Basil has a small case of asthma, and this works perfectly for both him and the environment.

Try lining the pan with baking soda.


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Purred: Tue May 31, '11 7:40am PST 
my 3 cats all adore worlds best cat litter. and it doesn't stink up the house at all, it's way better then any other kind i've tried thats for sure


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If you truly want to know how well a litter works, put a litter box in your bedroom. WOW, was that ever an eye opener for us! Brands I once liked very much, I no longer cared for...once I shared a room with them. laugh out loud (We have 7 felines. We need LOTS of boxes spread out.)

I've lost track of how many different brands we have used in the last year or so. A few experiences, off the top of my head...

World's Best Cat Litter: Made of corn, SOME cats will EAT it. I didn't find it to control odor very well either.

Fresh Step: Controls order very well. However, the perfume smell was too much for me, once I put a box in our bedroom. Also, a few kitties would use the box and then RUN out of it. Another would potty, while balancing herself on the edge of the box. Others wanted out of the box as quickly as possible, so they wouldn't cover what they left behind.

Feline Pine: None of ours would use the pellet kind. The non-pellet kind did control odor very well. Some say the pine smell is strong. It may be strong smelling to a feline, but ours seemed perfectly fine with it and I was too. (I am very sensitive and allergic to strong smells.) I love that it is so light weight. It does track more than any brand I have ever used. We have an all tile home, so it "floated" EVERYWHERE.

Tidy Cat: I didn't think ANY of them controlled odor. Even the covered up "deposits" smelled like "deposits" and wet dirt. Nasty stuff. IMHO

SOLD on Dr. Easleys. It costs a little more, but you definitely get what you pay for. I don't think we use as much either because it clumps and scoops soooooo well. The felines all seem to like it as well.

Dr. Easley's Precious Cat Litters


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It does depend also on what your cat eats that makes the poo stink so bad, we have our litter box in moms room, with WBCL she scoops it 2x a day. It is not bad at all for our poo-o-meter levels. I would like to say our POO dont stink but Id be a liar now wouldnt I? hehehehhelaugh out loud
Scoopin poo like its our job.


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We've been using WBCL for months & the cats LOVE it and Mommy loves it even more. No more cat litter box smell what-so-ever.


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I use Arm n Hammer Super Scoop clumping litter in a plain rectangle litter box. I haven't had any issues at all. We live in a one bedroom apartment and there is never any odor. My cat eats mostly wet food too. I scoop the clumps whenever I see them and dump the whole box once a week. I don't really see the point of all those fancy crystals and mechanical boxes with pads and pellets you have to keep replacing shrug

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