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This forum is for discussing all topics related to the challenges (and joys!) of keeping your house clean while living with cats. Here you can share tips, recommendations for products and techniques, and more!

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We have a pink Dyson. It just depends on when mom vacuums. Trinity, our doggy sisfur, has long black hair, so mom has to vacuum every 3 or 4 days--sometimes longer if mom doesn't feel like vacuuming. laugh out loudSometimes it seems Trinity leaves a lot of hair and sometimes not so much. We have that cream/beige color carpet that is usually found in apartments in this house--yuck! Mom is always thinking about installing some of that laminate flooring but we only rent. She may do it anyway one day.

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We have a 3 story house and Mommy has a Dyson Animal on every floor so it is easier and faster for her to vacuum. She likes the house clean. She doesn't care if it is messy with our toys. So when there is hair around, she will quickly vacuum. We are actually getting use to the Dysons now. We both love to be brushed so that really helps and cuts down on cat hair around the house. We get brushed many times a day.

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I like Pledge's pet hair fabric sweeper. I use them on my curtains too. I have black curtains, and it actually works quite well.


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Sinatra, they do have such a thing, it's the Evercare Mega Cleaning Roller.
We have hard floors and the house is tiny so Meowma just sweeps. Right now we're all shedding a lot for Spring, so...eek we get a bath in about another week to get all the loose part out, and another later when we get over fuzzy again. I knopw I'll cry when I get mine, but I'm anxious to watch Meowma wash the two younguns, especially rory as he had never even had a claw trim before he came here and got EXTREMELY angry the first time. I will give him credit, as he has cooperated better since--actually I don't bite or claw but I'm the hardest to toenail clip; I hate it!


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well mom is something of a clean freak but to busy to maintain the house as she likes it. We hate to be brushed and so do shed ALOT.

This is how she does it. 1) ABSOLUTELY NO CARPETS - mom hates them anyway and only keeps what she calls "disposable" rugs at the front door - our canadain winters are hard on hardwood and this helps.
2) once a week mom does a major cleaning. her focus is on the floor and dusting she does it in a VERY specific order.

sweep with "dirty broom"
mop with water and cleaning agents (all biodegradable and natural)
sweep with "clean broom"
mop with water
pass the dry "euro Mop"
pass the wet "euro Mop"

that is weekly

twice a year mom washed the ceilings and walls with the euro mop first dy then wet.

and twice a year mom takes out all the screens in the windows and uses q-tips to clean the frame and cleaning agent and water directly on the screens - otherwise during the year they just get vacumed

By doing this all of mommy's friends with alergies can come and visit with no problems - the onse with REALLY BAD allergies she invites right after she has done the walls and ceiling and screens.

As I said mommy has some cleaning issues - it's so bad no one else is allowed to do the cleaning. According to her no one can do as good a job.

We just call her a control freaklaugh out loud

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Mom is a super neat freak. There's hardwood on the floors so she sweeps every morning to get rid of the litter that my sis kicks out of the box (even though it's big and there's a mat surrounded the box).

However, there is fur everywhere because Daddy lets us go wherever we want when Mommy isn't home so she's making him get her a hand vacuum for the tougher spots. smile


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Oh! To the poster that asked about a giant sticky that picks up hair: one of my friends became a salesperson a la Billy Mays for in-store demonstrations. He does a gig on Mr. Sticky, and he's going to get me one soon -- Tenny has longer fur, but Memphis is a shedding monster! He is really a big fan of it, even without being a salesman.

Here's the website link -- if you manage to track an in-store demonstration of Mr. Sticky down, the price drops like a rock.



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-I put towels down wherever Allie likes to lay.
-vacuum 1-2 times per week
-sweep up tracked litter in bathroom everyday

I have some mild pet hair allergies so I'm pretty meticulous about it. So far so good smile

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