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Purred: Mon Nov 29, '10 2:40am PST 
How do I get the smell of cat pee out of carpet? Madeleine has been peeing outside the litterbox and has started the other cats doing it. I've tried everything and the room still reaks of urine! It is so gross! What do I do?


Purred: Fri Dec 3, '10 6:37pm PST 
Have you tried enzymatic cleaners like Nature's Miracle? My Mom has good luck with the Nature's Miracle formulated for Cats, and they just came out with one that's specially for cat urine.

Mac's Cat

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Purred: Sat Dec 4, '10 10:54pm PST 
I would have to agree about the Natures Miracle.Just do not add water or put it in a rug machine. Meowma has used it for our male dog and all of us cats. Just shake it up every time before you use it. You also need to soak the area down to the backing, so you might want to get the large gal size. Good luck


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Purred: Sun Dec 5, '10 11:48pm PST 
Mom was wondering about the add we keep seeing for simple solution. Does anyone know about that? Mom has been using a product she got from petco (a local pet store in our area) it is their urine and stain remover product and it works well but the best one she has found is call confusedshock dumb cat it works really good to get rid of the order but stain still seems to be on the drapes, mom is about to replace them all. I DO NOT like it when other kitties come onto my yard (I cannot go outside except to the kitty cage) so I always mark the drapes, on the windows and patio dooor so the strange kitties will know to back off.