Vacuuming Cat Hair

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Blue Man Group
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 5:32pm PST 
I have so much cat hair around my house that it killed my last vacuum. Can somebody recommend a good vacuum that will pick up cat hair well and not die on me? With so many cats I have to have something that will survive for at least a few years. And I mean A LOT of cat hair! Is there a special vacuum made for pet hair or a really strong suction vacuum that could handle a lot of hair? The last vacuum I bought was $200 and only lasted 2 months! I can't spend that kind of money on a vacuum every two months.

Calie- Dreamette- #17

calico girl girl
Purred: Fri Dec 10, '10 9:39pm PST 
Mom uses the bison Pet vac and it works well for her there are five of use kitties and always a lot if hair in the vacum it was only a little over $100. WE have heard the dyson pet vac is better but really expensive.

Captain ILM

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Purred: Sat Dec 11, '10 9:06am PST 
Mom has a Dyson Animal and loves it. There are 4 of us here and we shed A LOT! She says it's the best she's ever used for pet hair. We've had it about 2 years now and it's never lost suction....It was a bit pricy, about 400 but worth every penny.. way to go