Cats in a studio apartment

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The lease is signed, the deposit paid and mommy didn't even let us know what was going on till now. In just two weeks we are leaving our big beautiful home to a tiny studio apartment!!! I haven't seen yet but mommy says its prob the size of our living room and kitchen combined!!! THATS TINY!

How can we survive in such a small space? Where will we run around or play ball? How can we chase each other without running into walls?

Right now we have our cat tree, is there anything else we can encourage mommy to do to give us more space? Maybe some vertical space? The problem is that mommy is not allowed to paint or hammer anything into walls so she needs to figure out something a little more temporary.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, especially if they are budget friendly.

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I think you've already hit on the key - vertical space. Preferably in front of a window so that there is plenty to look at and watch. Here are some plans to make your own:

Home Made Cat Furniture


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A cat tree or two are a must. Other than that, lots of thing-on-a-stick playtime every day to tucker you out. Maybe pick up some of those cat cubes from walmart, they typically dont last too long but are lots of fun. you can play hide and seek in them, climb on them, and play "hunt the toy" too. Good luck with your move and your new surroundings.

Tip for moving: Either put the kitties in a room that you KNOW no-one will go in, or put them in carriers so they cant escape during the move. We take our kitties to stay at Petsmart's kitty cottages ($16/night) So we dont have to worry about anyfur escaping while we are moving things in and out. We also took them to the new place before moving anything over and let them explore it empty. So if you have time, it may be worth it to do that too. Ive found it helps the adjustment period.


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Mom's seen cat climbing posts that attach to a door. Think she saw them on Amazon, ebay, and Drs. Foster & Smith.

Mom's been thinking about the same thing if she moves to an Active Senior Citizens development. She's threatening to get a bunk bed with a futon instead of a bottom mattress. She'd sleep on the futon and the top bunk would be ours.