How Often Should I Scoop?

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I've been scooping once a day, but with multiple cats I'm thinking I should scoop more. I use Feline Pine. I use to use World's Best Cat Litter, but Bryanna would not use it, no matter what. I tried Dr. Elsey's, but Sandra wouldn't use that! I tried Swheat Scoop and neither of my boys would use that. I only have one litterbox, it is an open high back pan, and I'm wondering if I should get more than one. It came as a bundle with a bag of Swheat Scoop from the pet store, which is why I tried it in the first place.

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Technically you should have at least one litter box per cat, which sometimes isn't doable because of space. But I'd definitely get another one and yes, if there's a lot of poop and pee, by all means scoop more often! Cats don't like to have a dirty box. In fact, I'll usually wait until my momma scoops the box in the morning before I go in and do my poopies!

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Sometimes, kitties are very teritorial and by nature and habit are clean. Our mum scoops daily and we boys share the same litter box. While many feel that 'name brands' are best, she uses scoopable litter, what ever is on sale or if she have a coupon. Her opinoin isthat cleanliness is the most important and we are happy. She does add a little baking soda when she cleans the box.
As She said, she scoops daily and empties our box weekly on trash pickup.She is am a senior with only SS income, so does watch her pennies, but feels that if we boys allow her to share our home, we deserve quality care and home.
If, at any time you smell ammonia, change and clean the box. After a few years, it may be necessary to change the box, too. our little clawsies can scratch the surface of the plastic, and are difficult to clean. If your kitty doesn't like the odor, she will go somewhere else.kitty


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I may be in the minority but if I'm home I scoop whenever someone has been in the box. We use WBCL which makes it easier I think. And yes, it sounds like you have at least 4, so you definitely need at least one more box. Rule of thumb is one for every cat plus one extra but I know that's not always feasible.


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My mom scoops twice a day but then its just me with two litter boxes wink


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We have 1 box, and when we had just Ubasti, I still scooped everyday! A lot of times I will scoop if the trashcan in the bathroom is getting full, or the trashcan in the kitchen is getting full since i plan to throw them away. Also I scoop at other times and just use a food store bag! With 2 now i plan to be scooping even more!


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Mommy is the same as BK's Mommy, she scoops whenever she sees Zack or I have used the box. That keeps it very clean for us. We have 2 really big litter boxes. We use Dr. Elseys Precious Ultra litter. Mommy keeps a pile of paper brown lunch bags near by and just scoops whatever from the litter box in there and then throws away the bag each time.

She figures if she likes a clean bathroom, so do we!


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