What laundry detergent do you use?

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Princess- Zelda- Serafina

Nobody puts- Princess in the- corner!
Purred: Wed Nov 10, '10 11:45am PST 
Just like it says! Right now we use Arm & Hammer with OxyClean and I absolutely love it. Everything seems so fresh and clean. However I worry that it might be too harsh for kitties? So, what do you all use and what do you feel is safe?

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Wed Nov 10, '10 5:15pm PST 
Mews, kitty

Mommy uses Sun & Earth laundry detergent. It's all natural pure orange oil.

Effurything smells so nice, klean & fresh.

Oh, there's a nice fresh warm out of the dryer pile of unfolded laundry. Think I'll take a nice nappy on dem! kitty

Gotta keep it klean.... way to go

Sun & Earth Natural Detergent


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Wed Nov 10, '10 5:24pm PST 
I use the cheapest one in the store, mol, I am not going to pay $8-$9 just for laundry soap, mol, heck, I won't even buy a food item, that costs that much. I wash their show curtains, and the towels they lay on, in their bench cage, in their carrier, and the softy kitty blankeys they sleep on, on the bed, never had a bit of trouble. Wish I had the money to buy like Tide or one of the better ones, mol. laugh out loud

Hobert von- Kingston III

Is it Caturday- yet?
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 9:06am PST 
Hmm, my concern with the Sun & Earth is the orange scent, can't that be bad for kitties?

Ugh, everything I know has been turned upside down by whatever is going on with these kitties!

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 10:48am PST 
Mews wave Hobert von- Kingston III, & furriends,

To answer your concern for the orange citrus scent, I asked my Vet first, about Kally Kat's concern for her URI,on her first exam visit, our Vet said it's non – toxic & safe to use.

I used the unscented formula & have used the lightly scented citrus which is so light, but prefer the unscented. I'm sorry I forgot to tell ya'll about the unscented.
I have an image to show ya'll okay?

Unscented, Free & Clear Sun & Earth laundry

Unscented Sun & Earth Laundry detergent

I pay about $4.99 at a local supermarket here, that's the cheapest place for grocery & pet products. I use the store coupons as well as mfg. coupons too. I too, wouldn't pay $8.00 & up!
I print out lot's of coupons online, what a great way to help pay our ISP internet service provider fees. way to go

My Mommy is very sensitive to all fragrances & I have URI, but I'm doing quite well wiff that.
I used to sneeze a lot when I first was adopted, so, all household cleaners have been changed to unscented or fragrance - free cleaning, from dishes to baff times. laugh out loud

Now, were all happie heyah! wink Whatever works best for you & yur furrfamilies & all.

Have a Pawsome & Happie day! smile

Kally Kat & Mommy Liz

Charmaine- Neville

Hey Dawlin!!!!
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 11:53am PST 
I use EXTRA brand, available at Dollar General and Family Dollar stores for $5 for HUGE container, get about 45 loads out of it. Cleans well, has a very light scent to it. And I get my fabric softener there also, Suavetel,$3 for a large container. No problems with the kitties, in fact they LOVE to roll all over the sheets when I change the bed. Can't use Tide....makes me break out, the same for Dial soap, and yet a I was told by a dermatologist both these are recommended for people who have rashes, etc. Find the Dollar Stores have MUCH better prices for litter, and can even find Friskies canned food there as well.

Hey Bumpurr and frumily....it getting cold up in your area?? A few cool nights, and a couple of cold ones at 40 degrees. Well, thats cold for the greater New Orleans area. This weekend I will be at Destrehan Plantaion, doing cooking demonstrations in the kitchen building - open hearth. This era is 1790 - 1815 that I am doing.

The New Orleans Kitties


Supervisor cat - is not amused.
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 2:52pm PST 
We alternate between the tide free and gentle and the All that has no dyes or fragrance. Usually we go for the Tide because we get it in a bigger size, the all version only comes in a smaller size. Used to use Tide with fabreeze, but a furless visitor had a reaction to it, and we've been using the free and gentle after that. As for the cats, we've never had a reaction to any of the detergents, but mommy thinks its probably a good idea to have the non colored, non scented kinds- just in case. Oh, she also uses oxy clean powder on the really tough loads- no reactions to that either. dancing


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 4:14pm PST 
Charmaine! laugh out loud

Thats the brand I use too, the EXTRA! From Family Dollor. I get most of my non food stuff there, so much cheaper and it works just as well, they even have alot of name brands too. Cats Pride scoopable litter is only
$2.25 a bag. way to go

I wash all their show stuff and their blankies with it, never had one bit of trouble with it. They help me make the bed too, mol, gotta get under all the sheets and blanket, and run around, and sometimes one kitten is under the sheets and one is on top and they play thru the sheets, mol. I even tell them, its time to make the bed, and they come running. laugh out loud

No snow yet up here, was 28 this morn, been in the 40's during the day. I turn the heat on when I get home from work, to take the chill out, then I shut it off. I love history stuff, wish you were closer, would love to watch that, especially Cruiser, he goes to Cheffy School, and prepares delisious dishes for the tailgate partys for footyball. big laugh


Furry Girl
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 6:28pm PST 
Currently using method squeaky green laundry 3X concentrated detergent, naturally powerful plant-based, sweet water. It's in liquid form and is "tough on stains, gentle on the planet." More from the label: "... biodegradable detergent fights tough stains with a plant-based, enzyme-activated formula. it's phosphate-free, dye-free and hypo-allergenic." big grin

Mister Grey- (Striped- Seven)

TICA M.S. (HHP- Champion)
Purred: Thu Nov 11, '10 10:00pm PST 
I use All Free & Clear. One of our human family members is sensitive to ones that are not dye/fragrance free.

I also have used one made for babies clothes, (unscented) I don't know what it was called. That was a while ago when my dog was sick and had to wear t-shirts all the time so I had more pet laundry.

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