The Great Litter Debate

This forum is for discussing all topics related to the challenges (and joys!) of keeping your house clean while living with cats. Here you can share tips, recommendations for products and techniques, and more!

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Hawkeye- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Yeah,- Whatever....
Purred: Sun Jan 16, '11 5:06pm PST 
Have any of you tried Yesterday's News? I always found it a bit high in cost but when I got a taped up huge bag back in November at Big Lots for $2.00 I find myself impressed and it's not really that high in cost for as long as it lasts.

I found out first off you don't put near as much in the box as other litters because it expands as it soaks up the urine. I was surprised that there is no urine smell at all and it doesn't not track at all either. Poo smell is only noticed for a while when it's super smelly fresh, but you have this with all litters.

This litter does not clump and must be changed each week, but I find cleaning the poo out is actually easier when you use a basic dedicated kitchen spoon and you don't have to worry about broken clumbs or powdering through the scoop. I hate it when clumps break up and powder up through the scoop - MOL! This litter is biodegradable so it's safe for the landfill, and it's kind of being green too since it's made from newspapers .... hence, Yesterday's News.

Oh yes, this litter does expand more than you think it will. The first time I put in the usual amount and in a few days the litter was 3/4 full in the box. I put in 1/2 an inch, but if you cat has a high dig routine you may want to start at 1 inch and judge your need from there.

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let no food bowl- be empty
Purred: Mon Jan 17, '11 2:42am PST 
Meow. I use Natures Miracle cat litter. It doesn't have any dust. It is natural with no perfumes but it works good. Even when the stinky kitten goes in mine it works. Mom scoops daily and we each have a litter box. There is supposed to be an extra box but Mom gave it to the neighbors cat. My mom also uses a mat that looks like grass in front of the litter boxes so it catches any litter the stinky kitten might have on her feet. My feet never have anything on them. I am a clean cat. I hope this helps. MEOW


headed for the- light.
Purred: Wed Jan 19, '11 11:43am PST 
Rusty, come sit with me. I am also perfect, and have a bad kitten living with me. I never do anything wrong.

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