Holistic Treatment for URI?

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Purred: Tue Oct 14, '08 11:41am PST 
My poor Tabifa is now sick with the early stages of a URI. With 2 cats, it seems like one is always getting sick... We've been taking in abandoned kittens, and maybe that's why even though we're diligent about hand washing, changing clothes, etc...

Anyone know of some good holistic treatments for a URI? I'm sick of medicating them with antibiotics, it can't be good for them long term.

TIA (Thanks in advance)!

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You could try L-lysine 500mg a day, that is what Wilson gets, and it seems to really help.


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From my understanding URI's are caused by a virus which isn't treated by antibiotics, but the antibiotics prevent a secondary infection from starting while the cat's immune system is down. I'm not positive what supplements would be best, but I really like oil of oregano (anti bacterial/viral/parasite/fungus, works as well as antibiotics). I take it myself for my allergies, and give my dog Vinny small amounts (I'm not sure what exact dose is best, google should have that info, but I open a capsule into a container and sprinkle a tiny bit of it onto food, it takes me like 2 weeks to go through it).