The other cats don't recognize Maddie after spay?

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I just got home from the vet with Madeline. She was spayed yesterday and spent the night at the vet. The vet said to keep her in a seperate room for a few days and make sure things are quiet and comfortable for her. She WOULD NOT calm down when she heard Cubby crying outside of the bedroom door, so I let Cubby into the room. I figured if I stayed with them and watched them, things would be fine.

Well, Charlie snuck in after Cubby and they both started smelling eachother. Then they started sniffing Maddie. About two seconds later they both started hissing at her and growling. I picked them up and now we're all in the livingroom (minus Maddie, who is napping on my bed in the bedroom). When Charlie got fixed I was in another state, so I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Were they hissing because she smells like other animals, or what?

They're all usually best friends and I've never heard them hiss or growl unless a new addition had just been brought into the house. Help?!

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Don't worry about it. Cats hissing/growling at each other after a spay/neuter vet visit is normal. They will settle back down again once they all realize that it's not a new cat. It will prolly take a few days/weeks though. The cats are smelling all the cleaning smells from the vet clinic. Heck us kitties here hiss/growl at each other after even just a regular vet visit.


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Peanut Baby is right. Maddie just smells like the vet and the other kitties don't like that. After a couple of days she will be back to her own smell and all will be fine.

Congratulations on being spayed. Purrrrrrrrrs.


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I got nuetered the same day that my sister Cali got spayed and when we came home we acted like we didn't know eachother---we smalled eachother and were hissing and growling----just like what is happening with you and your siblings---well, three days later we were back to being the bestest friends ever!!!!!!! Good luck and congrats on your spay!

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I had a different reaction.........my mom and dad brought me and my daughter Miracle in to be spayed on the same day.....OK I should give a little history here......they had every intention of getting me spayed and even had the appointment all set up but I went into heat before the appointment and their Silver Pelted Bengal male got to me before they could since they weren't home. I wound up pregnant and they could not see getting me spayed and aborting the kittens so they decided to let me have them and find good homes for them(mom even wrote out a bunch of questions each person had to answer). You can see Miracles' page for why she is still with us. I had 3 kittens all girls....the other 2 were found good homes. So they decided to get me and Miracle spayed on the same day to make it easier on mom cause she worries about us a lot. Well when we came home the next day we were hissing/growling at the other 2 cats in the house but clinging to each other as if Miracle was a newborn kitten.......I even started letting her try to nurse for a while after we got fixed even though she was about a year old by that point. I would get panicked if she was out of my sight. Mom was really worried about that.