Is it normal to be REALLY clumsy?

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I am almost one year old and extremely clumsy. My mother is wondering if i literally need my head examined. I fall all the time. I will be hanging out on top of the washer, next thing I know - Thump! I've fallen behind it. I will try to make a small jump -Boom! i slip. I play with my toys and jump high to get them - Bang! I forget to put my legs out to catch my fall. My eyes look fine and clear, every vet check I have ever had has been good -What is wrong with me? Kittens are a little uncoordinated, but aren't I too old for this? All I seem to do is knock things over and fall.


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I would say it sounds a little weird...something I would call a vet or ask around about though just to make sure~

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I too am clumsy. My cousin Tigga is BIG and bushy with a BIG bushy tail, yet he can tiptoe around small ornaments with small gaps in between and NEVER knocks anything over! Me on the other hand.... CRASH!!!......BANG!!!!!!!.......WALLOP!!!!.....SMASH!!!!!
I'm certain I have nothing medically wrong with me, I'm just CLUMSY!


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Hi eve,

I think im a pretty stable cat when I walk along things that are thin and narrow yet mum seems to think I am clumsy. I sometimes try my luck and walk along a rail and I end up losing my footing, I manage to get myself back on track but I so have a bit of trouble.
I also love to jump up onto the tops of doors and most times mum saves me as she doent trust me coming down, knowing me I will land on my head


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I'm like that too. I miss when I jump, fall off things I'm sitting on, and cats DONT always land on their feet... Im a year and a half.... its not soo bad as when I was small. But I also gave up trying to get to the high up places. Gone are the days I sleep on the fridge or run above the cupboards.

I hope you're normal and healthy!
(and by extension myself too MOL)

I wouldnt worry too much unless you notice seizuring or other abnormal behaviours. The clear eyes are a good sign, and I'm sure you're kitty is alert.

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I would think you should check ears, not eyes. Ears are responsible for balance. A wax build up is very common. Eve, you sound healthy to me, so I wouldn't worry unless you showed problems walking straight. Some of my brother cats are kinda klutzy too!

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Hi Eve, I am really clumsy too. I weigh only 7 pounds and I am two years old. I have trouble jumping vertically but not horizontally. sometimes when I try to jump on the sofa from the floor, I miss and I have to claw my way up(even though the sofa's not that high). But when I jump from the other side of the kitchen counter to the sofa, I can make it(we live in an apartment). My human dad says I didn't inherit my cat-mom's sense of balance!


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the post about ears is good idea,, since it does involve balance and there is a disease some cats get in different degrees which causes them to be incordinated.. and then of course there are just clumbsy people like my human pat Blue


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Oh thank you for sharing my klutzy friends! What a relief! It isn't just me! The ear thing was a very good point! my mom said she will get them checked out asap! We got a good laugh out of everyone's stories!

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I am clumsy too. When I play I will stand up on my hind legs and grab the toy and then fall staight back . Most cats twist around and get their balance but not me. I also will jump up unto the bed and slip right back off again. I am pretty healthy but I just am not the most graceful cat.