I meow all the time!

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Whoa Oh Fat- Betty Ram da Lam
Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 4:21am PST 
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had some advice. Our little British Shorthair is about 18 months old and has started a peculiar habit of meowing for attention - all the time!! She gets loads of cuddles and attention frequently and my partner and I work at home a lot, so they are never really on their own. She has also started doing it about 4 in the morning, which can be a little tiresome. Any idea's?!!!


Purred: Wed Aug 19, '09 11:12am PST 
Hi Betty,
Douglas has the same problem. He is a very vocal fella. I have only had him one month and I don't know what to do. I have read that if you don't respond to the talking and only interact with them when they are quiet you can condition them to stop being so loud. How long have you had this particular kitty? I purposefully got a brit because the breed profile said "quiet." I love him to death though, if he were just 10% quieter. He is a single cat and people have suggested getting him a friend also. I really just want one cat, but I might have to get another just to get some peace.