Do I look like a Brit?

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Scaredy cat.
Purred: Wed Jul 16, '08 11:24pm PST 
Well, my Mum thinks I might be part British Shorthair.. When my fur mom was running around and got pregnant with me, there was a Brit in that neighborhood, and my Mum says that I have the same round face and muscular build. She's not sure, but she thinks that I look like one. I am a blue cream, which she says is a common color in Brits. I know my fur mum is not a British Shorthair, because she lives with me and doesn't look anything like a British.

So, can I hear from some fellow Brits? Do I look like I could be one of you?


"everything here- belongs to- me..."
Purred: Sun Nov 30, '08 12:43pm PST 
Well, you have a nice round head with a short nose, round eyes and a thick tail...The only bit you're missing is the copper eyes, but that must be from your other parent...