British Blue Shorthairs

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All wet food all- the time
Purred: Thu May 3, '07 8:00am PST 
Meow everyone! My name is Storm and I am a British Blue. I would like to meet some other British Blues.

I was born in California but now live in Canada.


Master of- hiding.
Purred: Wed May 30, '07 7:44am PST 
Hi there, I'm a british blue shorthair too meditateeow:
I'm 7 months old, girl and I live in Melbourne, Australia :purr:


The Doze knows.
Purred: Fri Jun 22, '07 1:07pm PST 
Hi! I am a British Blue too!! Nice to meet you!


Big Fat Fatty- Mcfaterson
Purred: Sat Aug 4, '07 1:37pm PST 
Hi, I am a British Blue and my sister Jemma is Blue and White. I am only pet quality, because of my temperment. I am really nice, but extremely shy. Don't ever ever pick me up, I will let you rub my belly though. My sister is show quality, but she doesn't have to do any cat shows or anything like that.



Mein Schatzi
Purred: Fri Oct 12, '07 5:59am PST 
Hello! I am a British Blue from Germany. My owners are American and we currently live in Germany. My name is Schatzi! That means "little darling or sweetheart" in German. I live with my big cat brother Rascal and my new puppy Kirby. We are one big happy family! I love to be cuddled and picked up and held like a baby. I make my presence known when I walk into a room with a great big British Blue howl! I always have to be the center of attention kitty


May be I am a- dog?
Purred: Sun Nov 4, '07 11:15am PST 
Purr, I am British Blue was born in Texas and now in California.


Purred: Wed Nov 14, '07 5:33am PST 
Meow hi friends I'm a baby blue britsh short hair, I only moved in with my new two new human servants they dont seem to being too bad got to go claw some more furniture lol d=('-')=b. ttfn


Purred: Tue Feb 5, '08 10:06am PST 
I am a British Short Hair that is originally from Simi Valley, CA but now live in Toronto. I am a look at only cat as I am very shy and do not like to be picked up. I do love my belly to be rubbed, however.


No...the magic- is still- here...!!!
Purred: Wed May 21, '08 6:10am PST 
Hallo, Hi....I am Tambolina (have a look at my page)...I am a British Shorthair, but I have a recessive gene and my fur has grown long!!!! However I have a 'brother' who is a British Blue and who is wonderful, handsome, like a teddy bear, gentle, altogether WONDERFUL......AT LEAST THAT IS WHAT MY HUMAN PERSON SAYS...actually he is, to my mind: a pain up the bottom, boring, s-s-o-o-o pretentious.....for example........he hates me, because I came on the scene later than him and he still wants to think he is the baby:
one day my human person and I were playing over the washing - he wanted to muscle in - she picked him up to say that she loved him too - he boxed her ears...boom, boom!!!! Apparently it stung quite a bit.....!!!

There aren't many of us (ok I'm a bit of a hybrid, but I still see my identity as in the British Shorthair fold) on Catster...but we are there....lets make ourselves HEARD!!!!


Come on, let's hear from you.......

Tambolina (+ Jan)


Pookety-Pook-Poo- k!
Purred: Fri Sep 5, '08 4:48pm PST 
My name is Pookey, named after Garfield's teddy bear Pookey since I am a "teddy bear" cat and Garfield was a cat with a teddy bear...hence the name Pookey! my mom is kinda dorky....but I love her!
I turn 4 months tomorrow (9-6-08) and I'm a playful boy!
my older sister is a soon-to-be 11 year old calico, her name is Callie...I like to chase her and pounce on her...but she isn't liking me yet, she hisses at me like a king cobra snake!! oh well, she will learn to love me as I am very soft and snuggable!! laugh out loud

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