Yes, I know we all like to think our moggies are special, but.....

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Purred: Mon Feb 27, '12 12:56pm PST 
It isn't just that she is a lithe silver-spotted tabby with a pale spotted tummy, but yes, silver tabbies are ubiquitous in this neck of the wood.

She is fascinated by water too, and is always there at bathtimes. Just peering into the water, mesmerised by it.

Some of my students find her rather unnerving, telling me 'she looks exactly like a tiger' especially when she makes a sudden fast move, or jump.

I just want to know what her needs are: she has always seemed to require a good deal of stimulation in terms of new toys and things to do. And I really don't want to feel I have a neurotic caged wild beast on my hands, I want her to be reasonably happy, as well as safe as a captive beast might be.

Do take a look at her photos anyway.