is my cat possible bengal mix

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Purred: Mon Aug 8, '11 1:48pm PST 
he is Brown or Chocolate/Gray, Blue or Silver many colors see his picture on my profile he also has a white belly with spots on the side of his belly


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I just picked up two "Bengals", this evening, from a rescue situation, where their owner abandoned them in an apartment, and it was a "do-or-die" situation, as they were slated to go to the shelter tomorrow.
Although I do not have the photos downloaded onto my computer, yet, I KNOW the male is definitely a purebred Bengal, although neutered, but the female has slightly "longer" fur, a "medium" coat, neither short nor long, but definitely has the spotted coat markings and a beautiful face. The male is much more "relaxed" than the female, who is slightly "spooked", because there have been other cats in the room, previously, and she is a bit confused.
In reading about the breed, it mentions "medium" length coats. The female is also spayed.
They are adult cats, and we are hoping that they will go together to my sister's stepson's home, as he had a disappointment with a "supposed" purebred, that ended up just being a "tabby" kitten. But you cannot go "wrong" with "Free", now, can you???big grin