My mommy wonders what kind of ancestry I have

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Purred: Wed Dec 24, '08 6:31pm PST 
My mommy has wondered from the moment she got me if I have some sort of breed-specific ancestor in me. She thinks the symmetry of my markings can not be pure random chance. I'm obviously not a pure bred anything and mommy just loves how beautiful I am and that I am such a good companion, but she's curious. She's bought books, read books, looked on the internet, but never found so many examples of various breeds to look at as on catster. Mommy wonders if I have some Maine coon cat, some Bengal, or maybe some Egyptian Mau in me. She is truly just curious. She'd also like other suggestions as to where I got all my pretty markings.

Thanks and Happy Holidays and many snuggles from all your cats. May they keep you warm and feeling loved!