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Maddie "The- Blue Eyed- Snow Spo

Purred: Thu Aug 16, '07 2:36pm PST 
If my mum cant find me, chances are I will be in the bath tub playing. I love to splash the water and make a mess, If I cant make a mess in the bath I can spill all the water out of my drinking bowl, Purr Purr, Meowwww kitty


Purred: Wed Aug 22, '07 3:07pm PST 
I do the same thing. I like to swim with mommy when she takes a tub.


If it moves,- KEEEEL IT!
Purred: Sat Sep 1, '07 10:11am PST 
I like to play in the water too! Sometimes when mum's getting ready for work, and I'm being a pain, she'll turn on the water in the tub for me to play with. Just a trickle. I don't like to play with LOTS of water. Sometimes my people will push the button on the Britta and make a trickle so I can drink right from the flow. I'm almost long enough to push the button myself, but I'm having problems figuring out how to get my head down to drink when my paws are pushing the button above it...

Did you know that Asian Leopard kitties (our wild ancestor) always den near water? And they're accomplished swimmers and fishers! (I'd be a good fisher, if there wasn't a lid on the tank! Grrrr) I think that's why we like water so much. It's in our genes.

Which reminds me...

Mum has an owie foot, and part of her treatment is to soak it in tepid or cool salt water twice a day. The other day, she managed to bang it pretty badly when she tripped over a shadow on the floor (I'm not the only klutz in our family!) so she needed to ice her baby toe from where it banged into the refridgerator. She decided to drop the ice cubes into the salt water and soak and ice at once. I sat there next to the bowl and played and splashed with the ice cubes until they were all gone! (Mum says don't worry, there wasn't enough salt in the water to make me sick.)

Bella Bengal

Purred: Thu Oct 25, '07 4:45pm PST 
I love playing in the toliet....(of course it is clean!) even though the house is filled with TWO HUGE water bowls, I prefer the swiming pool in the bathroom!


Purred: Mon Oct 29, '07 10:51am PST 
I love water too! Every morning my mommy turns on the faucet in the bathroom and when she gets out of the shower I fling water at her with my paw! It gets all over the mirror though and she gets tired of the spots but deep down I knwo she loves when I do it! smile


Purred: Fri Nov 16, '07 2:27am PST 
I am part Tabby and I hate water. Mom wishes I liked it, but I just can't stand it. Bath time is the absolute only time I ever scratch mom. I don't mean to, I just panic!

Gabby Cat.

I have his he- has mine! I love- Midnight
Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 9:49am PST 
i dont but im what they call a Cheetoh im not much of a new breed anymore but for some reason catster does not have that breed so i post between Oci and Bengal Fourms i like to drink form the fosets and things liek that but playing in the water no thankyou Dx so scarrylaugh out loudred facekitty