So I fell in. I knew it would happen.

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I kept thinking it would be interesting to investigate the thing these "humanoid" creatures call a "toilet" by jumping up on the rim whenever Mom and Dad forgot to lower the seat and close the door before morning coffee, and the unthinkable happened. Other cats always told me their stories about the tragic outcome of falling in to the water, but never thought it could happen to me! I had to be miserably bathed for 15 minutes getting the toilet water out of my fur, and everyone knows I HATE being wet! Why do I still have the urge to continue hanging around that fascinating contraption? Mom, save me from myselffff! red face

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Sadie y'all are as cute as a button! Ah had to chuckle in mah whiskers at your story. In some form or fashion we've all been there and done somethang silly in our kittenhood. That's what's fun about being a kitten...

Purrs, Cinni

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The humans try to keep me out of the bathroom too, but that little oasis is always so cool that it seems like the perfect place to drink from... I don't get it.


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i never fell in. but i once drank from it. well i thought it was another water bowl for me to drink out of. me and nellie are both fanasticed it when it flushes.

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Purred: Sat Mar 24, '12 4:13pm PST 
Mom accidentally knocked me into the tub once! shock
I like to sit on the edge, and she was getting in the bath while I was on the edge of the tub next to her, and I suddenly moved over so I was right in front of her foot/leg as she was climbing into the tub, so before she could realize I was in the way and stop-- I was pushed off the edge!
I still haven't learned not to sit on the edge of the tub, but I don't do it as often now. laugh out loud

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I jumped in the shower with Dad once, wondering what he was doing in there. IT WAS WET! Why do humans stand in hot rain, anyway?shockcat on moon


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One time mom had to go sommewhere if grandpa and she put me in my kennel with water and kitty litter and I somehow managed to dump my water and get WET kitty litter all over me and when mom came home and saw me she immediatly took me into the bathroom and filled up this thing called a bath tub and put me in it and rubbed this smelly stuff called shampoo in my fur and then she DUMMPED MORE WATER ON ME!!! Until then I loved to follow her into the bathroom! Now I just sit outside the door and wait!


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Sadie, your cute MOL!!
I investigated a so called 'toilet' before, I was a kitten. It didn't go well. Yep, I fell in. Now I know to not go near it MOL!!! So this is a funny story, (How I fell in) I was in a bathtub, licking my paw. Then I heard a WHOOSH! I hadn't even noticed my mum! I raced down the hall, ran back and jumped on the seat. (Lid open) And apparently I wasn't allowed. My mummy came and psssted me away. (MOL!!) I hissed at her, and then I ran. Later, when she was outside I went back to the whooshing machine thing....And then it happened. I was just sitting there, wanting to sniff the clear stuff so so bad, then I decided to try it. *SPLASH!!!!* I fell right in and I was soaked! By this time my mummy was inside, and she wasn't happy. "Bad cat!" She said. "mew mew" I meowed my little kitty meow. I started licking myself as soon as she got me out. I was so wet all my fur was pointing down cause I was dripping so much. She tried to dry me off, willingly. Not forcing me, but trying. I hissed at her and I stuggled out of her arms and ran so fast I don't even know. THE END!! Mol.


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I got my Mommy's 2013 off to a great start. She got up to use the bathroom early on the morning of 1/1/13. As soon as she lifted the lid up, I jumped up, got overbalanced & she grabbed me about a split second before I would have fallen in the toilet! (She always leaves me lid down until she has to go). I'm so fluffy, it would have taken forever for me to have dried & I sure wouldn't have been happy!!!