Kitty New Years Resolutions!

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You... Treats...- Now...
Purred: Wed Jan 4, '12 10:49am PST 
What are all your new years resolutions this year kittys?

I intend to be more active and lose a few pounds with the help of momma!


Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 11:32pm PST 
party. Happy New Years Kiki!

way to go that is a great New Years Resolution

Mine is to try to stop taking my sister Zoey's favorite napping spots and find my own instead.

cat on moon


Growing up with - TORTITUDE
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 11:35pm PST 

Hi Kiki!

Best of luck on your New Years Resolution. I know you wil be successful.

Mine is to be stronger and not let Zack take my favorite napping spots. And when he takes a nip on my ear, to do it right back to him.

Zacky beware!


You... Treats...- Now...
Purred: Sat Jan 7, '12 7:40am PST 
Those are both really good resolutions! Best of luck!

Neko Mana

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Purred: Sat Jan 7, '12 6:09pm PST 
My mama sayz I needs to lose weight.

Neko Mana


Sir Chirps-a-lot
Purred: Sun Jan 8, '12 8:20am PST 
I am going to try to stop clawing the good spot on Momma couch.
Momma also says I need to work on not being so bitey bitey.