I am an Angel now~!

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

MALLEE DG My- Baby Girl,- Angel

Milo's Shadow
Purred: Wed Jul 27, '16 4:26pm PST 
I was very sick, my insides were eaten up wif da bad stuff. Mom 'n Paw didn't know how sick I was. Monday July 25th I crossed ovef to the Rainbow Bridge. Many many whisker kissies 'n love to my spawcial kind 'n considerate furiends whofur came to my page wif sweet sorrows. Mom is quite sad an' wif all stuff goin' on, dey are still ina process o' movin'. Be offline beginning tomorrow. Paw is sad too. I was so young and so energetic and so loving. Mom has cried a million 'n one tears. But I visited her yesterday and she smiled. Because den, I let her know I was ok. I have so many angels here dat help me. Angel Kally Kat, my brofur Smokey Joe 'n his flyin' buddy Raincloud, hey dey are going to teach me how to create dat yummy cream cheese frostin' dat Raincoud makes!!! YUM, I can eat all I want here and the endless meadows, all the catnip we want! We have butterflies here, we watch 'n put a paw up, but we never hurt them! Mom I love you and I am watching over you, Paw 'n Milo. I love you all!!little angelrainbowlittle angelhug

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Wed Jul 27, '16 9:42pm PST 
Mallee, so sorry you had to leave your Mom and Dad so suddenly and way too soon. But knowing that you went to the Bridge so quickly instead of a long illness may give them some peace.
Those we hold in our arms for a little while we keep in our heart forever.
Mom and Dad -- know that I have taught Malee how to jump down to the lowest cloud to watch over you ... until we all meet again.
Purrs and Peace,


Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Mon Aug 8, '16 6:55pm PST 
Aragorn (In- Memory)
Is right about, not lingering on & on in pain & suffering.
We as pawrents, knows wut best fur our furr babies.

Yes, it a very difficult decision to make, but we love our furr babies as if they really are our own human babies. cry the bond is very powerful.
We love all our furr babies & also, for their fursibs tew!

Love is 4- eva Sweet MALLEE
hughug hughug hughug hughug

luffs ya Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ big hug


Purred: Mon Aug 22, '16 12:47am PST 
cry We are so sad, we still love you Mallee and hope you are getting the hang of those new wings. You are such a pretty little angel. Purrs for the rest of your family

MALLEE DG My- Baby Girl,- Angel

Milo's Shadow
Purred: Sun Sep 4, '16 10:24am PST 
kissing Mom is able to help me post, thank you to all my friends, for their continued love 'n support 'n thoughtfurness. I love each of you very much. Thinking maybe we have a chance here, it's Sept 4th and we all are still here! Let's post more and show Lumina just how important our homeland is!~ dancinglittle angel

Mr D - D'boat #19

Purred: Fri Oct 7, '16 12:33pm PST 
Yes it's now Oct 8th and we are still here. cheer It's still good to see your lovely face Mallee

Purrs Mr D