when Vidi passed away

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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My beloved vidi passed away on december 29 of 2009 when She was 13 year old. I found her when she was a little injured kitten. Even though she had been beaten very hard ( broken ribs, broken leg and twisted, burn face, heavily beaten on the head, she almost lost an eye) she managed to trusted on me. When I found her I was nineteen years old. She wasn't my first rescued cat but definitely she has been the most remarcable. I feel like i am her real mum because she was dying and i stole her life to the death. She was so tiny, so scared and hopeless, so brave. She was the light of my eyes and the fire of my heart. I loved her so much,my little princess, all sweetness and love. She was always shy but very affectionate. My little chubby who liked to eat specially looking for comfort. Her black hair, her green eyes, her little ears. She had such a cute smile due to her broken jaw. The evil guy who beaten her so heavily never has payed his sin. i wish i could punished him as he deserved. I know that she is not gone for ever, that she is living for good in my heart and that one day sooner or later we will be together on the rainbow brige. She and mely, willy fog,shaeny, and pamela are waiting for me. I love you guys, so much. I still grieved for her, for all of them but i try to honored them helping other suffering cats, street cats, cats who are in pain and need a shelter and vet care. TE QUIERO PICHURRIDINGUI , SIEMPRE SERAS MI NIÑA, LAS MAS AMADA, LA MAS CERCANA A MI CORAZÓN.


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Me he prometido que no lloraré y no voy a hacer llorar a nadie.
Cuando una vida se apaga siempre hay cosas que quedan por decir o hacer. Pero pasado un tiempo parece que quedas un poco en paz y lo cierto es que el dolor se va aligerando y la sensación de pérdida es cada vez menos intensa.
VIDI no está muy bien decirlo pero era mi niña bonita  :love: :16445: con esa forma tan intensa que tenia de mirar. Tenia una cara lindisima, pepita ahora yang, me la recuerda mucho :16445: se que lo he dicho muchas veces pero es que es verdad, era muy mansa, mansa de verdad. Un autentico angelito que se dejaba coger y achuchar bien. Le gustaba horrores el cepillito y que la cepillara. Lo sacaba y se lo enseñaba y venían sus 6.5 kg de gata a pedir cepillito o mejor aun a veces solo tenia que hacer sonar las cerdas del cepillo pasando el dedo y lo oia y venia mayando y reclamando. A veces se le ponia mirada de loca de lo intenso que te miraba, cuando se acababa el pienso y con maulliditos reclamaba que lo llenara, cuando lo del cepillito cuando quería subirse a la cama, cuando habia alguna polilla o pajarillo en el balcón....aunque también tenia una mr hide que vivía dentro de ella, a la que le gustaba afilarse las uñas en los libros, destrozar cajas de cartón a mordiscos y masticar bolsas de plastico red faceoll: lo increíble y lo mejor del caso es que yo nunca supe que era ella la destructora.... bueno lo de los libros podia haberlo sospechado porque una vez había pasado delante de mis narices, pero yo pensé que había sido un episodio aislado, mi vidi ya sabeis, era buena, mansa, delicada, dulce, VAMOS INCAPAZ DE ESAS GAMBERRADAS. En fin es muy triste que se haya ido, pero me regaló grandes momentos, momentos muy intensos de gran amor y ternura y aunque sigo echando alguna lagrimita por ella, la mayor parte del tiempo cuando pienso en ella, en todos ellos, se me pone una gran sonrisa en la boca porque me hicieron muy feliz porque los quise mucho y los recuerdo como las mejores cosas que me han pasado en la vida. Las risas que me he echado con ellos a carcajadas me he reido con sus cosas :gracias: :gracias: :gracias: :gracias: :gracias: :graci as: :gracias: :gracias: :gracias: :gracias: por ser como eras vidi, por enseñarme la fuerza de los mansos y por dejarme ver tu luz. Me iluminaste con tu luz y desde entonces no he parado de brillar cada vez que pienso en ti. VIVAN LOS GATOS QUE NOS ILUMINAN LA VIDA PORQUE ELLOS VIVEN POR SIEMPRE EN NUESTROS CORAZONES. :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :u óle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle: :uóle:
sorry for speaking in spanish but my english is not good enough to write down my feelings and i just want to share the experience of losing someone that you love the most


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I don't speak Spanish, but your love for your cats comes through just fine in your English post. You are so kind to help cats in need. It is sad and maddening that animal abusers aren't punished, but they will be judged, if not in this world, than in the next.

There's an Indian saying that when a person dies, before they can go to Heaven they have to pass and be judged by all the animals they have met in their life. You will certainly be there with all your kitties.


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Thanks, for your comfort. As i said in my spanish note i don't want to cry or make anyone else to cry. She doesn't deserve that. She would be sad if she knows that i am still grieving her. She was a very funny girl, whith a very special way of looking at you. She was a gorgeous black big girl but for me she was always the little kitten that once i found it.

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Oh, my dearest Nellie cry

Like Sterling's Mom sez, said, one day all those people will be judge by God & they will NOT go to Heaven, but rather a place that you, & all of our wonderful loving pets, all animals will never go to....

God bless your Mommie for taking excellent care of Vidi

Remembering all the joyous & happy times you shared will be a very good feeling in your ♥heart♥ 4 - eva!

Blessings to you & your family! big hug


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This bad person will pay one day - kharma will see to that. You gave her such a wonderful happy life, that showed her all the good in the world. It is never easy to lose a beloved pet, and I hope that you will have some peace in knowing the happiness you gave her, and that she is with you always. Purrs to you for saving her, and to help your healing. hug


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Today my cats friends and I are fighting to rescue two cats called shopi and fidel. They were hit by a car in a little town called Llodio ( north of spain) both are very bad injured and we are afraid perhaps they don't survive. Shopi is so down, his legs are very badly broken and he is so depressed. Fidel is a little bit better but it is also y very bad situation. Both have been taking to Madrid because there is a very good hospital for cats there. The journey from Vitoria ( also is in the north of Spain) to Madrid is almost an heroic attend because is more than 800km in one day. I am not the one who is doing all this effort, I just send money and support. At the end I always think that I couldn't save my beloved vidi but may be I save another one. Vidi is always in my heart.
If you want to know more about shopi and fidel you can look at:
http://esperanzafelina.mejorforo.net/t5647-fidelotro-gato-mas-d e-llodio-y-otro-caso-mas-similar-que-esta-pasando?highlight=llodio