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(First of all does ANYONE know how you put angel wings on a photo of your cat?)
My sweet Austin Valentino aka BooBoo Kitty left this earth on Dec. 5, 2013 after 16 years and 10 months of sharing our lives. Diabetic for nearly 6 years he was in my Vet's office's words, "A Legend around here". He became diabetic at age 11 skinny and weak to a healthy, shiny furred vibrant cat with little to no incidences all the way up to his passing. They had never seen a cat have such a turn around and therefore became the legend. We think that it may be due to the fact that he was so loved and we put a lot of effort into well doing whatever he wanted or needed to have quality life. He did have a couple of sugar issues where we had to rush him to the vets to bring up his blood sugar and temperature but then he was fine again. All has been right in the world as he continued to enjoy and do all of his funny little habits and sitting by my side day and night paw over my hand like we were holding hands and gazing at me while purring. The day before he left us he was the same as always and poking with his paw which he did when he wanted his shrimp or to be let out and so forth….even when he went outside he did his usual knocking -yes knocking at the door to come back in. Nothing was out of the ordinary and there was no need to be concerned and he was even fine when I went to bed at 1:30 a.m. I understand when a fur child is getting near the end of his/her life as they no longer are interested in their favorite foods and so on but there was NO sign of that and THAT is what makes this more of a devastation…..the next morning he had had a seizure and we found him tongue hanging out and unconscience streched out by his food bowl…..we rushed him to the Vet's office that JUST opened for the day and they immediately got to work on him as at this point his blood sugar wasn't registering and his temperature was about 10 degrees below normal…the Vet said he had never seen a cat so close to death! Things were going ok…his temp was coming up…blood sugar normal…his gums were getting pinker and all of his blood tests came back NORMAL…..BUT apparently he started having cluster seizures and the vet tried as hard as he could to stop them using valium but they wouldn't stop….over 2.5 hours went by and there was no change and we were told due to the length of time of these seizures he would most likely have brain damage…what kind of brain damage I don't know since I was in a panic and forgot to ask…..it got to the point that we had to make a decision I have never had to make and that was to put him to sleep….which we decided to do….there was one more thing we could have done but the vet said he never saw any good results from that last resort…so because we didn't want him to suffer we felt we had to let him go. I not only miss him more then words can say but I keep questioning myself if we made the right decision and torturning myself wondering WHY and HOW this even happened? How can your baby be fine and then in an emergency situation??? I have searched the internet trying to find answers but there is nothing that explains this. I am beyond heartbroken!!!


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I see on your page that you are a member of the A Team group. You can post in their forums and they will make wings for you.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss!

It sounds to me like you gave your sweet kitty a long and happy life and did everything possible to keep him healthy. All kitties should be so lucky!

The end can come slowly and gradually, or quickly and unexpected, but it does come no matter how hard we try to delay it. cry

It's so heartbreaking to lose a furbaby because of the special love we share with them, but that love will always be a part of you and will continue to live and grow as you share your love with others. It's that love that makes all the pain worthwhile.

Sending purrs to you and your sweet Austin Valentino. hug