I have crossed the rainbow bridge and left my family heartbroken

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

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Hi I am Austin Valentino and after 16 years and 10 months I had to move on from this beautiful Earth and my Family. My parents are heartbroken and my Mommy can't sleep or eat and all she does is cry and ask WHY? I am hoping to find a way to help her through this forum. First of all how can she join the Grief Forum (as she doesn't know how), Secondly how does she put wings on a photo of me, Third how does she get little angels to float down my profile page and Last but not Least: How do I get her to come to terms with the fact that she had to put me to sleep and never had to put anyone to sleep before? She isn't new to losing her fur kids but I was extra special because I have lived longer then any of her past kids along with special care since I was diabetic since I was 11 years old. (please see my Catster page and Diary for extra details)
Anyway I was special for many reasons of which you may find in my diary and profile page…among those reasons I was her constant companion and sat with her at the computer and so forth whenever she needed to work or was just goofing around on that machine. We would take walks together outside and so many things we did together that now she is practically a zombie without me. She doesn't understand what happened with me….yes I was diabetic but it was under control…yes this past summer we found out I had developed a level 3 heart murmur and had a VERY Slow growing cancerous lump…the vet said it was super slow in cats….yes, I had started a year ago to occasional drop extra poo as I walked from my litter box and yes I had to start taking Prednesone to help me gain some weight and to treat my Irritable bowl disease and yes I had a very tiny nodule on my lung….ok so I had a few issues but I was always spoiled and always loved…Now other then the fact that I tried to refuse my liquid Prednesone medicine the two nights before I passed (I never did this before as I actually loved that medicine and actually tried to eat the vial since it tasted yummy)..anyway other then that I showed ZERO signs of slowing down or being sick…in fact the day before I did my usual pawing at her for different and more food, asked for my favorite food Shrimpie and curled beside her purring as she worked on the computer…I even asked to go outside as it was a nice day and went in and out as I pleased like always…even knocking on the door when I wanted back in….nothing was out of the ordinary and I even ate a few but not all of my nightly treats…..(I do usually eat nearly all to all of them) Usually Mommy carries me back upstairs if I am downstairs very late at night like 1:30 but she was tired that night and just gave me my treats and patted me on the head and said I love you….well by 7:30 in the morning something happened and I had a seizure…Daddy found me…we rushed to my vet and Mommy wasn't super scared because I have had things like this happen before because my insulin was just a little too much those times but no problem I was fixed up and home I went….this time was a bad one and it wasn't due to insulin…the Vet didn't know why this happened as they got my sugar and temperature back up and my blood work was normal….but I started to have jerky seizures that I was given Valium for to slow them down but they wouldn't stop…the Vet worked with me for nearly 3 hours and couldn't get them to stop and then had to tell my Mommy I could have suffered brain damage from this and it was possible I had a brain tumor…which doesn't make sense because other then my poo issues I was fine…so Mommy decided to send me to the bridge but now feels she made the biggest mistake of her life and cannot understand how I went from totally great to having to leave her forever. She is a basket case and needs help. Has anyone else been through something similar and do they have an explanation? Is it really possible to be fine one minute and gone the next because you MIGHT have had a brain tumor? If I was found sooner would i be here with her still? She is SICK so sick about this whole thing and her heart is broken to the point it hurts. If anyone can help she would be so grateful.
Love, Austin

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First, don't feel guilty. When it is time, we are never ready to say good-bye. You did everything that was in your power. I did an autopsy when Natasha passes and her cancer had spread to many organs. It was amazing that she held on so long. It is a hard time of year to have a loved one pass on. Every one is in a holiday mood and you feel just terrible. Natasha left us about the same time. Our Ben made it through to the end of January. Time helps but the loved one leaves a hole in our heart. Try to remember the good times and have a celebration of the life. I did that for both Natasha and Ben. We lit candles and recalled the good times. We had shrimp for Ben and whipped cream for Natasha. It helped with healing.....our sympathies.....


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We are leaving another message in a new post,also. You and your family are in our prayers.

It looks like our kitty Cousin, Stalker will also be making the journey today. He is about 19 years old, and blind and in end stage kidney failure.

Like your family, his Humans are terribly sad, he will be so dearly missed, but they need to do what is best for him .

You will see our Sister, Heidi, at the Bridge, and us, one day. Prayers and Huggs!

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I want to join my Sister and beg you to please not feel guilty. You obviously gave your kitty a wonderful life and yes, both with animals and Humans we can appear fine, or, at least not seriously ill, and tragedy strikes, very suddenly.

You did your very best, and at the end, you made the greatest act of love. We count on you, to be strong enough, to do that for us.

Thank you, God Bless and please know, we are never further than a memory! I will be welcoming some very special new Angels today. My Cousin will also be arriving.

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It was Austin's time to leave you. No matter if you had found him sooner it would not necessarily change the outcome. We all feel guilty when a furchild passes. Maybe we should have done this ... or done that ... or not done this ... you can ask yourself these questions forever and never be satisfied with an answer. Although Austin's leaving you was so sudden and very hard on you, be content that it wasn't a long, drawn out illness of suffering and pain. You both enjoyed your time together right up to the last day. Now he is free of all illness and is watching over you until you meet again at the Bridge.

When I passed, our veterinarian told Mom a comforting thing. It didn't make the pain in her heart any less, but it did give her a sense of peace. Dr. Steve told Mom that if she hadn't rescued me when I was 5 weeks old, with my bad heart I wouldn't have made it to my first year. With her kindness, care and love, we enjoyed each other for the 10 years I was with her on this earth.

Be at peace knowing that YOUR kindness, care and love extended Austin's life right up to the day you had to part ... and believe that parting is only temporary. You WILL be together again at the Bridge.

Purrs and PEACE,

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