Yazmin is gone but Misty grieves

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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I had two Siamese, mother & daughter Mum Yazmin has just past away at he ripe old age of 19yrs 5mths and it has devastated us, we miss her dreadfully, but her daughter Misty who is 17 yrs old is defiantly grieving, she was present when the vet came to put her mom to sleep (we had no choice, she had had enough).

She has witnessed our grief she also behaved very odd the day before Yazmin died, Yazmin had been diagnosed with lung cancer, she also has something odd happening on the end of her nose, on the day before her death I noticed a slight swelling on the bridge of her nose (I'm sure the cancer had spead to her nose and brain).

Misty then started to wash Yasmin's face aggressively and to nip at the swelling as if to remove it, she also seemed to spit out a 'bad taste', she then took to lying practically on top of Yazmin as if to squash the life out of her, I am sure she was trying to help her on her way as she knew she wanted to go.

Now Misty yowls and calls around the house and keeps looking for her, Also washing herself much more than usual. I'm spending lots of time with her and she's sleeps with us as they both have all their lives, but she is so sad. I'm trying the 'feliway' spray it does help , but she may need something from the vet as well.

Because of her age we will not try introducing another cat, as I don't think it would help, any other suggestions to help her over this would be appreciated. She is sitting watching the screen as I type, but looking so lost and sad.


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It's Queenie. Poor Misty! I used to sleep with Delyte especially in the winter time, and I always laid on top of him. He didn't seem to mind, and I like to think I was keeping him warm. He has been gone since June and I am missing him. I didn't seem to notice that he was gone immediately, but wish he was here now. He was the top cat and kept all these others in order!

It may sound extreme, but another cat, especially a gentle adult cat, might help console Misty. Not a rambunctious young kitten, perhaps, but a nice boy cat. They get along better with older female cats.

Saddest purrs to you all on your loss. hug

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Purrin & prayin for yur Misty & Mom & Daddy cat... meditate

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Give Misty some time and she will recover. It is tough when their loved one passes on. Yazmin lived a long life but it doesn't seem long enough ever.....Alex was with Natasha for nine years before she left. He was alone for six months before we got Juliette who was a kitten at the time. Alex is young enough to run around with her. She, also, lets him groom her as Natasha never did.
They have a special bond that I never believed would happen with a young cat and senior. They amaze me.....