In loving memory of Tiger.

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Tiger - In Loving- Memory

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It started out as a normal day about 16 years ago, until my Mom got a phone call from her friend. She was in desperate need of rehoming two little kittens. She had found them one cold, snowy, night on the side of the road. Barely cleaning on to life. She could no longer keep these two kittens because she had found out her daughter was deathly allergic to cats.

The phone rang, my mom picked up, I only a child at the time. Her friend had told her everything! Even that if a friend couldn't take them that day, they would be taken to the pound! What a scary thought of two little babies barely alive going there. So, through much convincing and pleading my mom convinced my dad to bring these two beautiful babies home.

On the day we went to get them, my mom sexed them. Giving me the 'girl' and my brother the 'boy'. My cat's name was Peppermint and my brother's cat named Tiger. Well, some time later I had realized Peppermint did not at all look like a girl! Tiger in fact was the girl, and Peppermint was the boy. Some where along the way my brother and I had confused our kitties with.

About five years later, my cat, Peppermint, had gone over yonder to Heaven. He had fought a brutle battle with brain cancer and lost. Tiger had wondered around many a days searching for her brother. Crying and crying. After some time all our wounds had healed from losing the precious baby boy.

Tiger was always lovable. She had always wanted to be picked up and pet. Even as a little kitten. She was always a bit chunky too. She was even slightly bigger than her fellow starving brother before they had been rescued from the terrors of the night.

Through time my brother had bounded more with another of our cats who's also gone over yonder to heaven, Kortney. So, he had taken on Kortney and Tiger became the family cat. Not to say he didn't love her every bit as much. But it was clear Matthew was Kortney's and no one else! Through time my mom's health has declined. She was first diagnosed with asthma. Then about 5 years after that my mom and I were in an accident with a drunk driver and she was diagnosed with seizures and fibromyalgia. This same care accident had broken her arm and permanently injured her shoulder. Somewhere a long the way she had slipped and fell. From this fall she had injured a disc in her back. A couple years later diabetes.

Tiger had grown more and more attached to mom as more had been discovered. She would lay with mom the long and tiring nights of not breathing. She would come to her side when a seizure would come. She stayed close but made sure not to hurt mom when her fibromyalgia acted up. Tiger was my mom's therapy cat. But she wasn't trained, she just knew what to do! Amazing little kitty she was!

Back in March, this chubby godsend girl had stopped eating. We took her to the vet, and he put her on steroids to encourage her to eat. I knew something was wrong. This wasn't like my little chubby cat to just not eat. She was on them for about a week and she was right back to eating and gained some of her weight back to. Near the beginning of July she stopped eating again. Now I was really worried for her.

The vet did the same thing again. It worked for about a week and we were back to not eating again. My mom did some research and found a website the suggested syringe feeding. We started that up and minus the syringe feeding she was a happy girl, maintaining weight. This went until mid August. Tiger had taken a turn for the worst and started hiding. I had gone on vacation for a week and came back. Tiger had drastically lost weight. We tried all we could, we had gotten every test the vets recommended. Gotten second and third opinions of what was wrong. The third opinion got her eating again on her own for a few more days. A couple weeks later we were told she will only make it through the weekend.

We fed her everyday five times a day until September 27. We tried feeding her but she choked on it. So we said just wait until the morning. She had developed a cold so we assumed maybe she just needed to rest. But she couldn't hold herself up. I have seen enough cats dying to know what was going on. But she had snapped out of it and got up and walked to the water bowl and took what was her final sips.

Now it was my Mom's turn to be there for Tiger. As she had been all long, but now more than ever. Secretly my Mom and I were terrified! So, my Mom held her through the night and had fallen asleep. I got up for work, September 28, 7AM, went up front to see if she was doing better. Tiger laid there limp on my mom's chest, she picked her head up and looked around. I suggested to wait to feed her until later. My Mom agreed and said maybe some water will do her good. I went and put just a tiny bit in the syringe. I came back and Tiger was coughing. So we held off. Within 15 minutes of me waking up Tiger had peacefully passed on over yonder to heaven.

To the best kitty in the world! We will never forget what you did for us, especially for mom, Tiger. I just hope and pray that we loved you and cared for you just the same! A kitty that will NEVER be forgotten.

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Purrs and Love

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Tiger arrived at the Rainbow Bridge and is looking down and watching over you, always.

Purrs and Love,


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Sending so many purrs and hugs for Tiger and you...hughughug

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That was SUCH a lovely story about Tiger, and her love for you and your family, and your love for her.....You do not say whether you had her cremated or buried.....but, whatever, if you make a special place somewhere with plants and special secret things, you can go there and talk to her....but I expect you know that already....

Much love and many purrs to you, your family, and Tiger....



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Such a nice story. I send you thought of peace & comfort during this painful time. Rest easy knowing that Tiger is well & now watching over you as a guardian angel0kitty.