Goodbye Hal and Daphne

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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Purred: Sun Sep 15, '13 7:42pm PST 
We would appreciate, so much your purrs and prayers of comfort, to good friends of our Human Mom's.

Holly and Charlie are wonderful animal lovers, who have a large home and have rescued a number of Cats and two Dogs.

Last Monday one of the Cat's they were closest to, died of a heart attack, no warning of illness at all. Hal was about 13, and had been with them for ten years.

A few weeks earlier, another senior kitty of theirs, died in her sleep, in her kitty bed, again, no warning.

They know they gave their pets wonderful lives, and that they were very loved , but they are very sad and miss them terribly.

Our Bridge Sister, Heidi, Gracie and I, along with Mom, would sure appreciate you sending them a Hug and a Prayer.

Thank You So Much.

Althea, PAWS

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Purred: Tue Sep 17, '13 8:46am PST 
We have just said a prayer for the pawrents, who know that Hal and Daphne are both very happy and living in Love. We humans grieve, though, for ourselves and the sense of loss we feel. Hal and Daphne are not "lost," though: they are at the Bridge, perfectly healthy and blissfully happy, waiting for the day when the family will be reunited. Always, our tears are for ourselves.

May Hal and Daphne's Creator bless and comfort their pawrents, and lead their hearts to peace. hug


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Purred: Tue Sep 17, '13 9:24pm PST 
Sending our purr prayers to Holly and Charlie. We know how much their hearts are hurting without Hal and Daphne -- until we all meet again at the Bridge.

Kitten cuddles,
Shannara, Sterling, Shade & Sundance