You know your vet is good when they send a hand written card...

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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Purred: Mon Jun 24, '13 1:01am PST 
Two weeks ago, we had to have our beloved Jayne assisted to the rainbow bridge. His kidneys were failing due to some kind of infection, made worse by his FIV.

My vet, who only sees cats, and his vet tech, were wonderful during the weeks leading to it, helping me keep him eating and being very gentle with him even though he was a pain to assess (formal stray/feral).

Two days ago, we got a card. I'm somewhat used to this with past vets. But these two actually hand wrote their card and told me that they could tell how much we loved Jayne and that he had been very well cared for. Of course made me cry all over again, but I absolutely love our vets for taking the time to reach out to us after a sad experience.


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Sorry to hear about losing your kitty. Sending you many hugs. It is something though how just taking those few extra minutes to show they cared, how good that makes you feel. Like you mattered, like your kitty mattered. Too many people these days are in such a hurry that they forget how to be human. When I had to put my dog down, the vet I had cried with me - and to this day after 7 years, I still feel comforted by that. I wish you peace & the comfort of knowing your sweet kitty is watching over you & in no more pain. hugs & gentle pawtaps from the kitty quartet. hughughughug


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I think it is a great thing when you find a vet who takes the time to do that for you. You will never forget them for that. I like the idea of a vet that only takes care of cats too, that is nice that they are able to focus on just the health and wellness of cats, that says something about them, I think. I got a handwritten card from my vet after my dog died a few years back and it had his paw print on it, something I did not even realize that they had done, I just about died all over again when I saw that. And my vet also made a donation to a college veterinary dept in my dogs name. I didn't know about that until i got the card from the college, that made me cry all over again too. I love it when you find a good vet.

I'm so sorry about the loss of your cat.