Phoenix has turned to dust.

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Purred: Fri May 3, '13 2:04pm PST 
Our 16 year old cream tabby Phoenix took his last breathe today. He had to be put to sleep due to complications of old age.

He never once growled, scratched or bit anyone or anything in all his years. he was sweet,loving, a good hunter, and a good sleeper. His nap spots were odd, and he loved smelly mud and pond water. in his youth he had his neck tore open by a wild animal and lived to tell about it.

but age took his teeth and his body, and today he had to pay his debt to death. he took it all in stride, got his sedative, and i lay him down gently and closed his eyes. It was there he got his final injection, and peacefully slipped into heaven. I returned his body to the muddy soil he so loved, and sat afterwards to watch the flowering trees sway in the breeze.

i dont think anyone can enjoy 16 years of hunting and sleeping as much as a cat can. Tucker, Nady and Chloe, your old hunting buddies, are waiting for you. Rest in peace, my friend. And may you rise again in heaven, like the Phoenix.

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SKIDS KITTY- gone, never- forgot

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Purred: Tue May 21, '13 9:50pm PST 
oh that was beautiful so sorry for your loss

Steinem - In Memory

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So sorry for your loss. What a lovely obituary.hughughughughughughughughughughughug

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That was beautiful. I'm sure he's telling all his buddies about his adventures and about how much you love all of them. hughughughug