Fennie, our beloved cat

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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A few days ago I made a decision to have my 11 year old cat put to sleep. I have felt guilty and sick to my stomach and can't get her out of my mind. I still have her food, scratch pad and sleeping basket within sight. I believe I was too hasty. For about 2 years she had been having bowel movements on the rug. We had her checked by a vet back then and they said she was healthy and couldn't find anything wrong with her. She ate well, loved her treats, and would seat next to us our on our lap at times during the day.

Fennie was my mom's cat (mom passed on 4 years ago). We loved the cat and kept her. We just sold our house and will be closing at the end of the week. We will be moving to FL and felt we could not take Fennie with us, since we will be renting for a few months before buying a place. How could we take a cat to a rental place that goes poo on the carpet? We also want to travel to Boulder and San Fran to visit 2 of our children who live there and would be perhaps staying at a month at a time. We are retired. We tried for the last 3 months to try to find someone to take her but even the "no kill shelters" could not take a cat 11 years old. We asked friends and everyone we came in contact with, but who wants a cat that poos on the rug.

I feel we should have had her checked out one more time with the vet to see if maybe her problem could have been corrected by medication or diet, etc. Then if there was nothing that would solve her problem, putting her to sleep would have been more justified.

I've been sleeping with her blanket which I don't if that is healthy or not. I had a perfectly beautiful cat put down with her only problem being the bowel movements. I ask myself why didn't I have her checked out again by a vet before making this "hasty" decision.

Any suggestions as to how to deal with this?


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I'm so sorry for your pain. Pooping on the floor can be a difficult behavior to resolve. You did what you could. Forgive yourself. You gave your kitty a wonderful home and lived with an unpleasant situation for as long you were able. Losing a pet is as hurtful as losing a human companion. Please call your local shelter to see if there are any pet loss support groups around; it helps to talk with others who have been through the same thing.

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Please forgive yourself. You are going through a lot. Now, give Fennie peace.
If you get another cat, do check another vet's advice for Fennie's memory.
Some vets are not as knowledgeable and can help. May your next
one live to an old age. You gave Fennie love and care.
May you have more love to give to another one..

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This is Delyte. There are online groups supporting those with pet grief, so please don't think you are the only one with these issues.

When you do get settled into your new house, please think about adopting another kitty or more than one. Fennie would be so happy to think that you are giving a good life to another kitty.

I am lucky--I have been peeing on the carpet but my person took me to the vet and they treated me and I stopped doing it. It is very hard for house-proud people to deal with senior incontinence issue--and cats don't like being dirty and would only do it as a last resort. So far, I know the difference between the floor and the pan, but when I don't any more, I will be happier on the Bridge.