its been 7 years and its still hard to deal

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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I got Mr.flufflers when he was 3 weeks old he was the first cat that, when people asked if i had any pets i would say no i have a son. i was 11 at time so my friends would think i was crazy and then i would tell them about him i'm a proud cat mom and the cat he turned into. he was such a funny cat he would climb into my dads tuck if he left the windows rolled down and soon go to work and hear a meow and there was flufflers next to him. as i got older and so did he would walk me to school to the bus stop. and soon jump into my boyfriends sun roof. when flufflers wanted love he would head butt you. a few days after my 16th birthday i called him home to eat. he looked both ways before he crossed the street he made it to the drive way edge and a car came racing up the street and clipped his back legs. it was like something that happens in a movie i was in shock i couldnt move. he ran in the yard and fell. i went after him and held him in my arms and that was the last time he looked at me, i felt everything stop.i knew he was gone, i cryed and yelled out loud my baby. and people came outside as if a child had been hit. i was a mess for 3 weeks. i couldnt eat or sleep. i dont know how to handle it. its been 7 years since hes been gone and i still cry when i think of him i still what happend to him, i have other cats now and i see him in their faces. how do i deal and move on because i dont think i can move on. so i post this in tears and ask has anyone ever had to deal with death of a pet like this how do you move on. it still hurts

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We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved Mr. Fluffers.

Sometimes something happens that greatly impacts our lives-sometimes a traumatic loss can simply numb you and make you hurt-and keep you in a place where you are in emotional shock and pain.
This can happen when something happens very suddenly and painfully that you have no control over.
I'm so sorry for what happened, and wish I could give you a way to reverse time.
What I can tell you is that your love for your beloved fur son was so real and strong that it brings you to this place-and you have many folks and furs here to comfort and purr for you.
It sounds like Mr. Fluffers was very loved and cherished. You did all you could for him, and I can tell you that he knew you loved him so much. I have always thought that crossing the Bridge in the arms of someone you love...well, no matter the circumstances...to know love and that you aren't alone....
I'm sure that Mr. Fluffers left with peace.
Hugs to you. Many hugs.
And purrs from all the furs here.
And we're sure Mr. Fluffers watches over you with many many purrs and love.


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thank you so very much this has helped very much to eat it

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Dear Meouwmy to Mr Flufflers.....Hallo....

Lots of stuff I can tell you, to, perhaps, help to make you feel a little better?....don't know....But I will have a go.....

a) Many years ago I had a beautiful, intelligent, loving little black cat called Arnold...he went out every day and I worried...of course I did.....but one day, instead of getting him in at his usual time (6.00pm), I wanted to see something on the television, so I left him out for longer.....he got run over and died....was it my fault for not getting him in earlier? yes/no/maybe.....perhaps you feel a bit like this about Mr Flufflers and your calling him in? I don't know....if you do feel guilt, as I did....then have to say to you that for me, the guilt has never totally passed, nor the frustration that he was a very young cat with a very bright future (he was SO intelligent) that was cut off short....!! here...gone!! and that was it...!! But the days pass, the months pass, the years pass....and the pain and guilt subside, but never go away (I still have his bath toy that we used to play with together when I had a bath...it is a turtle that you wind up and put in the water and he used to bat it around the bath)

b) The cat that I CANNOT LET GO OF....I cannot....(like you cannot let go of Mr Flufflers) was Joseph Conrad....he was the kitty-love of my life.....he was such a pain and a trial, (Jeez...he was 'orrible...!!) and I had to work so HARD to make his life bearable for him...he would pee everywhere; he would fight anything that moved (big dogs, small cats, people...most of my friends and relations were TERRIFIED OF HIM...he would lurk in dark places and then grab their ankles...!!)....he was SO AFRAID of everything all the time BUT SO BRAVE.....I ADORED him....we would lie on the bed together and look into each other's eyes and we were at peace...together....for a little while.....(I, also, have always been afraid of everything...but I do not pee everywhere....!!)

Dear Mr Fluffler's Meouwmy....two things here that might help you...don't know.....

1) I have not (as I said) been able to give Joseph Conrad up (he has been gone three years now)....just can't do it yet....SO I wrote a little book BY HIM....and I started a page by him on Facebook...'Grandad Conrad'.....have a look, perhaps....and he and I write....and, yes, in my head and in my heart he is still here...and we do have a laugh sometimes......perhaps, if you wish, Mr Fluffler could join in? (believe me, it does help)....

2) I (the Meouwmy of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Joseph Conrad and so many other loved kitties) am now 65 years old.....and I have had SO MANY loved-kitties with me over the years.....and sometimes, now, I forget which one is which....and they all merge into a beautiful, black (mainly black, or black and white) Kitty....(when I, the Meouwmy was young,or younger, the Auntie who brought me up used to get me and my cousins mixed up and call us by each other's names or by the same name).....

Dear Mr Fluffler's Meouwmy.....eventually, after you have had many more beautiful kittypeople you will accept the death of Mr Fluffler....because you will have to....

Have a look at 'Grandad Conrad...you are very welcome there...and, you never know, it might help.....

All best wishes

Jan (the Meouwmy) and Grandad Conrad

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Don't feel that you are alone. I believe that everyone who has had pets has had an experience that they can't get out of their mind or heart. My neighbor gave me a kitten who died suddenly afterward. She told me that kittens may do this and don't be concerned. From that day on, if one of my cats or kittens showed any sign of distress, I would rush to the vet's. My neighbor lived on a farm where they believe that the cats were on their own to survive. We live on a main street so mine don't go out and hers did. She thinks that I am crazy to be so cautious about my cats.
I don't care.....You learn from experiences whether they are good or bad. Please know that
you are not alone. Let it go but learn something from the experience. ...It is part of living....
Celebrate your loved ones here and now...Give them hugs and your angel will appreciate it....


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I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same. Our Ally cat went to heaven a few years ago. I try not to think about how long its been because it just seems to make me more sad. When I think of her I cry. Mostly because I still feel guilty that I didn't do everything right as far as her ear cancer and surgery. And having to put her to sleep was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and still feel guilty about it. I can't tell you how to handle it I just try not to think about it very much because I cry everytime. I have to come face to face with the vet tomorrow night that shunned her for a year which led to me losing her and I am very nervous about it. I have not talked with this vet since and there is alot of hurt and anger there. I am going to our local humane society meeting and she is involved with them. Anyway Hugs to you and I am hurting with you. I hope you can find at least a little bit of peace.