Bravery comes in small purring packages.

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.

Heidi Lumley- Nix. PAWS- Angel

Mean cats are- not cool.
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 9:25am PST 
I lost one of my best friends last night. She was 15 years old. kitty

Her name is Heidi Lumley-Nix

She weighed 6 lbs. Beautiful and shiny black fur that she loved to have brushed

Two different colored eyes, one greenish amber, and one just green.

Well taken care of (spoiled) She wss a house cat.

Last night, my best friend died, not of illness but of age. She was never sick. cloud 9

Last night, my best friend died. I am still in denial.

I love you sweetheart. I wish that I could pet you and kiss the top of your shiny black furry head one more time.cry

Trusted and beloved companion. Fly free, for I will see you later..... I love you Heidi Lumley-Nix. Now and forever.

Alex (sweet angel girl)

Angel on a- mission!
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 10:19am PST 
I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know what it feels like. Sending you many purrs of comfort and love. hug

Louis- Armstrong - ILM

I'm walkin' to- New Orleans.....
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 11:12am PST 
What a beautiful tribute to your furbaby. All of us here on CATSTER understand your grief and sense of loss.

Hugs, purrs and soft paw pats.

The New Orleans Kittieslittle angellittle angel


Biting means I- love you..- right?
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 4:35pm PST 
We're so sorry for your loss. We'll send purrs your way and a candle to light the way to the bridge.

Aragorn (In- Memory)

One Cool Cat

Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 8:03pm PST 
So sorry that Heidi and you are now separated and your heart is broken. But although you hurt so much, now be consoled that you will be reunited at the Bridge. Until then, Heidi is always with you ... right there within your heart.

Purrs and Peace,

Kitty- "2004-2010- always- loved"

Queen Kitty- Ruler of the- Beanie Babies
Purred: Thu Oct 11, '12 11:22pm PST 
*Purrs and Hugs*


Knead softly &- carry a big purr
Purred: Fri Oct 12, '12 11:24am PST 
So sorry for your loss. It is a testament to your good care & love that you had Heidi with you for so many years. While it is never easy, please know that she is watching over you. We send you purrs for your peace. The kitty quartet

Bella My- Beautiful- Angel

Mommys Kitty- Girl! I know- I\'m loved!
Purred: Wed Oct 17, '12 10:16am PST 
your lovely statement made this mommy cry. Still so new with our Bella flown off to the Bridge.
Your tribute is lovely.