New home, feel like horrible person and miss her terribly

Whether a cat dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved cat.


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Today my Kittybaby went to her new home. A very dear friend of mine has agreed to take her, and it is a good home. I feel horrible, like I have failed somehow. But auto-immune disease + increasing cat allergies is not a good combination. I keep waiting to hear the jingle of her collar bell, or her meow, or trying to climb on top of the computer keyboard to gt my attention.

She isn't "dead," but she is certainly gone. Tomorrow will be worse. Even though I had to give her up, I found her a very good home with a wonderful new kitty mom.

Cried for three hours.

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Oh, our meowmy cried when she read your post. But from your description of your health problems, it does not seem as if you had any choice. Thanks goodness you found a good friend to take her, so you can keep in contact. Would your health allow you to at least visit her in her new home??

We understand how you are hurting, but at least you did the best thing, found her a good home. So many, many animals are dropped at shelters or just put out if their owners cannot keep them. You ARE a good Kitty Parent!!!

Hugs, Purrs and Soft Paw Pats from
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It's Queenie. We are so sorry that you had to find a new home for your kitty. Our person keeps telling us she is going to have to find a better home for at least me and Fluff, because we are the youngest and easiest to find homes for, but she never can let us go. There really is not room for 4 cats here, but she rescued us 5 years ago and we are still here. Her health is really bad and it is hard for her to do pans and tote food for us 4 big lumps, and if she gets any worse she will have to go into some kind of assisted living and none of the ones around here allow pets.

Like they said, you did the right thing and your kitty will have a better life because of it. Can you visit, or is your health too bad for that? Or is it just too painful? It might be better to not visit for a few weeks so she gets used to you not being around and everything in her new home.

Remember that if nothing else, you will all be reunited someday on the Rainbow Bridge. Giant gray-and-white purrs to you from all of us, and Delyte--who was supposed to go to the Bridge years ago and make room for us, but he's still here hogging all of the affection and good sleeping places! wink


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sorry that you had to re-home your kitty. I grew up with dogs and never thought that I would be a cat person. It is now over twenty-five years and I love them so much. I just got a Siberian kitten because my new son-in-law is allergic to cats. My daughter can come and visit us since Siberians have different dander than all cats. You can see if you test well having a Siberian. They have the test before giving you a kitten. juliette, our kitten, has fur that is like silk. .....Meanwhile, can you visit your kitty every so often? It would help you. You did a wonderful job in finding the home and people who care. That is amazing....Great!....or ask them to send you pictures every so often. Let them know about Catster and perhaps they will add the pictures here.....You are not a horrible person. You care...

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I'm sorry you had to rehome, but you found her a home with someone you love and trust.
We foster on occasion. It's very hard to say goodbye to a foster, but with 6 cats in 2 rooms and big vet bills, we must.
We live with severe allergies...and it's funny, so does Ruffy. We have air purifiers going all the time, and we clean alot...vacum and dust.
I also do accupuncture-which works wonders...and my friends know that my cats are my life...if you don't like cats or are allergic then don't come here.

You did what you felt was best for Kittybaby. You didn't allow her to go to a kill shelter, you didn't turn her loose to fend for herself. You found her a responsible home with someone you trust.

Our foster, Delilah was CK's best buddy. It broke his heart when she went to her new home. But she has more than we could have provided for her- 2 loving moms who dote on her, and provide her a wonderful life, and she even has a country house and a city house.

Don't beat yourself up...you can visit Kittybaby and perhaps work on your immune system to help build it up.

I'm sorry for your loss...ask the adopter for some pictures of Kittybaby at her new home. It may make you feel better she's doing well. When I saw Delilah running across the top of the bookcase, and sleeping in her moms lap, my heart was full.

hugs to you....you are a good person,
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THANK YOU for not sending your cat to a shelter. I know you're hurting but please take some comfort in knowing that your baby is in a good home and not sitting in a cage waiting to be adopted.